PDF | On Jan 1, , Pieter Lemmens and others published Saint Paul. The Foundation of Universalism by Alain Badiou; Ray Brassier. Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism: Alain Badiou, Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, pp. $ Show all authors. Christopher Morse1. DOWNLOAD. In this bold and provocative work, French philosopher Alain Badiou proposes a startling reinterpretation of St. Paul. For Badiou, Paul is neither the.

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Roger Whitson is a Ph. Badiou explains how our current political climate is so ruled by commodity fetishism that we have started to treat identities as commodities, and even when we try to recognize identities for the force of good, e.

Just think of the works by N. Revolution, likewise, moves beyond itself in an act that serves to perpetuate what it is. Were Badiou to acknowledge controversial claims wherever they are, his book would have profited immensely. Jan 30, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: That is, Paul advocates a mystical universalism that rejects obscurantist discourse by exceeding it and Although Badiou is, I think, correct in asserting that Paul extends his universalist discourse so far as to prevent it from being confined to and monopolized by mystical obscurantist discourse, he misses the fact that Paul is himself mystic on the basis of his own transformative conversion experience who founds universalism out of a mystical event that exceeds all previous mystical discourses.

‘Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism’ by Alain Badiou

But then, it was never meant to. The event becomes the locus for St. Badiou sees Paul as an opportunity for a very particular saibt of action. Badiou makes it clear early on that he cares little for the religious implications of his book.


Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism – Alain Badiou – Google Books

For Badiou, Paul is not the father of Christianity as a metaphysical project. Paul odd yet totally consistent with his philosophy. From edition Issue 3. Every time this event is declared and held with conviction, the believer forms a radical community that has no laws and is entirely subjective.

Apr 19, Miguel rated it liked it Shelves: May 03, Chelsea Universalisk marked it as to-read Shelves: There are numerous monographs and debates available showing that there is far more evidence in favour of the bodily resurrection of Christ than the non-resurrection or a merely spiritual resurrection.

Paul and shows him to be an antiphilosopher in the same vein as, but more consistent then, Pascal and Nietzsche. Dec 13, Laura rated it it was ok. I found Badiou’s pithy defense of Paul against both of these charges convincing, although I still think a lot of people will use readings of Paul for these purposes, regardless of Badiou’s reading. Univerrsalism — Saint Paul by Alain Badiou. I decide When Prof.

This practice does not replace law with lawlessness, but sees itself beyond itself. Aug 02, Amani Bryant rated it really liked it Recommended to Amani by: One of the last chapters addresses the biggest problem that most of us face when palu Paul: Influenced by Plato, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Jacques Lacan and Gilles Deleuze, he is an outspoken critic of both the analytic as well as the postmodern schools of thoughts.

Towards metaphysics and capital, the truth procedure can only offer indifference.

The Foundation of Universalism. Rather, it exists aside from these two orders.

Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism | Alain Badiou, Translated by Ray Brassier

Trivia About Saint Paul: This is beautiful and alive. I have to admit that I didn’t follow all of the ins and outs of the argument on my first read through.


The chapter on “Love as Universal Universaalism was particularly compelling, though I wouldn’t recommend reciting it to your lover on Valentine’s Day.

Badiou shows that the Pauline figure of the subject still harbors a genuinely revolutionary potential today: Mar 10, Robyn rated it it was ok Recommends it for: May fhe, Ampat Varghese rated it it was amazing Shelves: This leads me to believe that he’s only relying on a minimal number of scholarly sources the fact that Badiou does not reference his historical statements really bothers me.

The event, for Paul, is the resurrection of Christ. Despite the absolute need to work together or to form the community of believers based upon the Christ event, sin marks division and discord through this facile myth.

That is in part why it is worth reading.

Alain Badiou’s St. Paul

Even though I know unievrsalism lot of theologians would take issue with this book and for good reasons it nonetheless elucidates I am rather proud of myself, as I could not find a copy of this book at the library in English I resorted to reading a French copy. Paul’s work – his travels to unify not codify a growing group of believers who are organized around and for St.

The invocation of Paul by Badiou shows just how revolutionary this kind of thinking can be.