The six-part Beebo Brinker Chronicles is a series of lesbian pulp novels by Ann Bannon, first published between and Beebo Brinker, Odd Girl O. This is a series of five fiction books, (all with different titles) which became known as “The Beebo Brinker Chronicles”, written from to it to New York and meets the handsomest, most swashbuckling, and world- weary butch in the city: Beebo Brinker, the character for whom the series is named.

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Retrieved beebp December 27, Bannon’s characters became archetypes in the lesbian community when there were no role models. Ann Bannon Weldy writes a surprisingly sympathetic tale of a young woman coming to terms with her identity as a lesbian in the early s.

We wrote the stories no one else could tell. There are a few more specific examples: Jack helps Beebo get a job delivering pizzas one of the advantages is that she can wear pants for Pete, who beeo a little creepy, and his wife who cooks.

I enjoyed reading this. Essentially, it’s Beebo’s coming of age novel.

Retrieved April 7, I Am a Woman the working and common title featured Laura after her affair with Beth, as she finds herself in New York City’s Greenwich Village, and meets a wisecracking gay man named Jack, and becomes his brrinker friend. Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives.

However, author-editor Katherine V. Oct 22, Andy rated it liked it Shelves: The erotic nature of the books has been noted as adding to their uniqueness. She recalls it was an awkward situation, even though the older sorority sister was “unfailingly gracious” to the younger one. Bannon said, “Both books brniker obsessed me for the better part of two years.


The Rainbow Reader: Beebo Brinker by Ann Bannon

Grier discussed the novels, answering the question of who among lesbian paperback authors should be highlighted: Lesbians depicted in literature were relatively rare in the s. Preview — Beebo Brinker by Ann Bannon. There is still an abundance of discrimination taking place.

But on the night of the show, Venus’ son has an epileptic seizure and cuts his head open. As displayed in Strange Sisters: Retrieved June 2, The book depicts a lesbian relationship the author witnessed, ending with one of the women committing suicide. I ended up searching for all of her Gold Medal books in used book stores and they were so hard to find.

It opened the door to my soul and told me who I was. Rich and famous Venus and Leo live by their own rules, and are ruled even more by Society. Journey to brinke Woman”. I mean, it has movie-starlet-on-butch scenes!

The Beebo Brinker Chronicles – Books 1-5

However, word geebo out: Chico Community Publishing, Inc. Photo by Tee Corinne. As Bannon explained in the edition foreword to Odd Girl OutGold Medal Press publishers had control over the cover art and the title. ONE, 10 4 p. I would sit there in a gay bar in the evenings thinking, ‘What if a police raid happens tonight and I get hauled off to the slam with all these other women?

One of beeebo letters was from Bannon, asking for professional assistance in getting published.


Beebo Brinker Series by Ann Bannon

Retrieved on March 22, Bannon’s books have, with the benefit of time, been described in vastly different terms, from “literary works” among pulp contemporaries, [53] to “libidinised trash”. The entire book had a Great Gatsbyish feel.

I thought, ‘Well, that would do it. Ann Weldy born September 15,better known by her pen name Ann Bannonis an American author who, from towrote six lesbian pulp fiction novels known as The Beebo Brinker Chronicles.

Beebo Brinker

She is roused a couple days later to make a delivery to the apartment of a rather outrageous movie star, Venus Bebeo, who lives with her lonely teenaged son whom Beebo befriends. Also, honestly, for a book whose main purpose is to titillate, there should really be more sex.

Trivia About Beebo Brinker. Sure, it dragged a little at times, and I had to make a conscious effort to overlook some things that made my present-day reading eye tsk tsk a little, and a bigger effort to overlook other things that made my present-day feminist-equality eye narrow in disgust, but the book as a whole?

Forrest claimed Bannon and her beego “are in a class by themselves” and credits Bannon with saving her life, writing in”Overwhelming beebi led me to walk a gauntlet of fear up to the cash register.