For the time being, Caylus is but a humble village, but soon, workers and many buildings and the Provost is generous in allowing them to be used, the game. Please keep in mind that the official Caylus board game rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are . Board Game Arena: Play board games online! About Caylus. Designer: 0 Game rules • See the game in action • 4 Videos • 2 Web links • Rules summary.

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Play from your web browser – on all your devices. Hover again over this listing and the current building being viewed will enlarge to show more detail. Hoard in the news. Players who have a worker in these buildings may take the appropriate action. If you do not wish to move the Provost click on the same space he cayluz originally on when you srated this action. No download necessary – play directly from your web browser.

rulees Once all respective players have built in the keep, the player who built the most in the keep if there is a tie it is the first of these players receives a King’s Favour. This costs 1 Denar for each space. When it is your turn click on the building or castle keep to place a worker. Learn new games or improve your skills at your favorite games, all at your own pace. Dave Neumann Jan Alone or with friends?


Caylus – Online Guide * BrettspielWelt – Online Portal für Brettspiele

Each player receives 2 Denar. You are one of our most loyal players!

Drei Klicks zum Spielstart. You MUST use 1 food and 2 of any other different raw materials for each batch e. Discover new board games Board Game Arena enforces game rules, so you can concentrate on having fun. If you wish to see the buildings which are left use the yellow arrow located on the bottom right of this window.


Create an account with your email. Simply click on the space you wish the Provost to go to. Clicking on one of the building icons will display the available buildings of that type. Otherwise click the red ‘X’.

Under the player dashboard is the listing of available buildings: This can happen if you build the monument and receive 3 King’s favours! If this is not the building you want, simply click the yellow arrow again. Don’t like to wait? Raw materials, the Denar and number of available workers are also shown. Play turn-based to enjoy a game or many at the same time by taking turns when it fits in your schedule. Play now News 0.


OR, create an account with Facebook. This is as simple as it seems. Join ranked games and meet new challenges! You will be prompted as to what type of material you will use to build.

In the top right corner, the players names and status bars are located 3.

Ystari Games

If you are placing on one of your own buildings then it only costs one Denar. Fight for Hegemony, Jump Gate, Outlaws: If you chose this action and decided not to build you will lose 2 prestige points!

If the Provost sits after or on the same space as the Bailiff, the Bailiff moves one space further down the path.

Very popular with the online board gaming community. Always thing about the logical progression of the buildings.

Caylus Rules, Instructions & Directions

rulss BSW login Username Password. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool! If you hover over these sections their prestige value is shown. Move the card on the free space. In this sub-menu, when you select a building it replaces the one in the main view.

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