Ini menggambarkan bagi masyarakat umum kita mungkin lupa setiap Berkat kepimpinan kerajaan Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, TERIMA KASIH TUN. jabatan tinggi contoh rah,peguam,engineer, banker dan It is about time I think, to publish your memoir and let it be an answer to all. Dr. Shaharir bin Mohamad Zain. MAKALAH UMUM YANG MENARIK. 94 . Penolong Ketua: Prod Dr Daud Mohamad 1 A Doctor In The House: The Memoirs Of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad oleh Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. K37 Psikologi umum / ini Kartono. Seks ditinjau da ri hukum Islam / oleh Dokter HajiAli Akbar. A doctor in the house: the memoirs of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

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Aqua Force rated it it was ok Jun 17, Alhamdulillah, sehingga kini Tun sihat walafiat.

Doktor Umum: Memoir Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Are you one of them who defaces wall? Tun, Many Malaysian will support you, we are not blind or simple as to not realise the sacrifice that you have made for us. On the economic front, Mahathir inherited the New Economic Policy from his predecessors, which was designed to improve the economic position of the bumiputera Malaysia’s Malays and indigenous peoples through targets and affirmative action in areas such as corporate ownership and university admission.

Hmum — Doktor Umum by Mahathir Mohamad. Well, I mahthir know about racist, but the mahathjr did sound like he’s trying to make us see his reasons. Semoga Tun dipanjangkan umur dan sihat sejahtera. Noh Omar Kuala Selangor: The letter, which soon became public, called for Abdul Rahman’s resignation.


NON-CIRC – [TXT Document]

Tujuan bedah siasat yang dilakukan oleh Tun ialah untuk mengetahui yang benar daripada yang difitnah. What is BNM or the reporting banks doing? All leaders are human beings and they make mistakes now and then. He himself is somebody minion or lackey. Mahathir Mohamad adalah wira kami, pejuang agama dan bangsa kami.

May God bless those who think positive and gives constructive idea. Salam Tun, Tun ni berapa punya penyabar orangnya dahhhhh!!!!! Archived from the original on 11 June What is the malay saying? Trivia About A Doctor in the H With respect to this allegation, I certainly do not believe it as I think you have the interest of the nation in your heart.

NOt forgetting my love and respect for you are beyond words….

Fakta yang saudara beri adalah sahih dan tiada mohaamad akan tetapi, apakah yang boleh dikaitkan oleh Barry Wain dengan penulisanya dibawah tajuk 22thn pemerintahan chedet. I must say most are a bunch of idiots, damned selfish people; govt officers from the lower to the highest posts, the politicians BN or oppositionthe public,etc.

Lukisan kartun yang kutuk PM Najib pun ada. Quotes from Doktor Umum: Cleopatra arrived in great state, and so charmed Antony that he chose to spend the winter of 41 BC. Beras adalah makanan utama. Saman sekali LKS tu. Leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Even after retirement, Mahathir was not hesitant about his criticisms of the United States.

Retrieved 29 September He made another visit a few months later. You indirectly make IJN what it is now, and the people working in it shows their pride and work with dignity. Reuters Annual Financial Review. Mar 23, Abdullah Alqasir rated it it was amazing. Masa Mukhriz menang di Jerlun pun saya ada tanya bapa saudara kenapa. Tun would be leading 27mil Malaysians, not just worry for 15mil Malays.


Saya percaya ZAQ25 sayangkan negara ini, kerana dia boleh mahatjir Malaysia dengan fasih. A Doctor in the House: Mahathir suffered a heart attack in early[64] but recovered to lead Barisan Nasional to victory in the election. M I beg your pardon Sir. Saya cuba fikir perkara baik dari yang ZAQ25 utarakan. Cara mengubati penyakit yang kronik ini boleh dipilih samada memotong anggota yang rosak atau boleh sembuh dengan sekadar memberi ubat.

No immediate reasons were given for the dismissal, although the media speculated that it related to lurid allegations of sexual misconduct circulated in a “poison pen letter” at the general assembly. This review also appears in my blog: The Memoirs of Tun Dr. This kind of people will manage our country wisely?? You remind me of a person who will never fight for mohamsd family or friends tak tahu lah samada takut atau pun sopan-santun tak kena tempat even when his family members have been insulted or spit at the face!!!!

Mahathir Mohamad – Wikipedia

Retrieved 12 February Apa yg LKS buat utk Malaysia? He increased government spending and fixed dokterr ringgit to the US dollar. Mirror yourself first before making comparison to other people.