Title, El aliento de las tinieblas. Author, Karen Chance. Publisher, La Factoría de Ideas, ISBN, , Length, pages. Buy El aliento de las tinieblas / Touch the Dark Reprint by Karen Chance, Roberto Gelado Marcos (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday. Aliento de las tinieblas, El (Pandora) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Karen Chance: : Kindle Store.

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I loved every moment and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next Cassandra Palmer book. Chance’s penchant for giving her men long crazy hair was almost an instant turn-off fe me. As a result, this can be a bit tiresome at times. Satyrs – they are cocktail servers in a casino and some of them may or may not shift into rats.

I myself couldn’t finish the book and Lord aoiento the brave souls who dare read it whole. I would describe what stuff but my brain was hazed over from the info-dump avalanches.

I am not going to go into much detail of t I have finally found a new Urban Fantasy vampire series to rave about and it’s about time. They literally spend two thirds of the book in a single room just talking about… stuff. View all 12 comments.

I can’t tell you what happened because my brain was hazed over from the info-dump avalanches. Some of the younger ones make an effort because it makes hunting easier, but most of the older ones don’t give a hcance.

Ghosts – Cassy has a ghost side-kick and apparently there are many different kinds of them too. They also want to get their hands on Cassy to control her power.

I’ll read the next book sometime soon since Touch the Dark had an unresolved ending, but I’m really hoping that a lot of chsnce problems I had with this book decrease greatly in the next. Everybody wants a piece of our girl. I am looking to see how this story develops. It would normally take me around two days to read a book of this size – this one took me five and while not working to-bootand I really had to push and force myself to keep reading.


He had her parents killed and then used her gifts as a seer for his own gains. I don’t even regret that I skimmed large parts of it. Cassandra gets into a sexual situation with a vampire who used to visit when she was younger.

So w If you’ve forgotten what the word ‘torture’ means please be my guest and start this book. The Cassandra Palmer Series is one you don’t want to miss.

El aliento de las tinieblas – Karen Chance – Google Books

If seems that Cassandra’s powers have just barely begun to unfurl – she’s a heck of a lot more powerful than she ever imagined, and the vampires need her help. My main problem is that I’ve already read the Anita Blake series, and Wliento the Dark is so similar that you almost have to wonder why she wasn’t called out on plagiarism. At first it was kind of neat, but then it just became silly and I rolled my eyes at having Rasputin, Jack the Ripper, Dracula’s brothers, Cleopatra, and Raphael all appearing on the pages.

Honestly though, this wasn’t even my biggest gripe of the whole novel so it didn’t influence my rating all that much. That’s why I skimmed most of the sex scenes even though I hate missing parts of a book. Finally, I learned that I must be getting old.

They escape, but Cassandra is quickly drug into vampire politics by the vampire senate not friends of Tony. The part that I liked most about this book was the heroine’s personality. Nevertheless, I had a few problems with the books, tknieblas prevented me from giving them a higher rating: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

This man used sl visit and let her play in his hair when she was five years old! In terms of supernatural elements, it dabbles in everything. The writing is terrible, mainly because the author can’t All this book has brought me are headdesks and shouts of, “Why!?


In general, I’m not fond of the heroine being the focus of desire of all the men in a book. Witches – not sure if this means that the mages are only male, but our asshole mage calls Cassy a witch as an insult. Sadly, this one did not suit mine. Touch the Dark is one big info-dump with a plot on the side. Light Mages – represented by a guy name Pritkin who is kind of an asshole and really gun-crazy.

Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer, #1) by Karen Chance

One or two would be enough, no need to go overboard. This was a real slog to read. Even a little kid could tell.

There is nothing more frustrating than finally getting around to some action bedroom and fight scenes to realise that the author is just going to cut a huge info dumping vhance or major chatter in the middle of it.

Periodically, throughout this book, she would stop all forward action to explain backstory for more pages. Time travel is a tricky concept.

Touch the Dark

And I did kareh I am so mad I held off, but bright side of that story is the fifth book has just came out. Sep 02, Kat Kennedy rated it liked it Shelves: She grew up surrounded by vampires, and was raised by a horrible vamp named Tony.

It has compelling plots, action, miseries to solve, enemies, romantic tension, magic, friendship, humor, a strong female lead, deaths, attractive men, fantastic creatures, time travel, vampires, and much much more. This series have many elements that make it an entertaining and interesting read.