Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ DVCf Digital Valve For more than 20 years, Fisher products have been manufactured with DVC Digital Valve Controller. Fisher r. FIELDVUE™ DVC Digital Valve. Controllers. Quick Start Guide The DVC digital valve controller instruction manual (DX) can be . Note. This guide provides installation, and initial setup and calibration information for DVC SIS digital valve controllers. The following documents are also.

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Replace and tighten the base unit cover. Digltal Adjust Pressure Calib! Note Refer to figures and Output Connections Installation Output Connections A factory mounted digital valve controller has its output piped to the pneumatic input connection on the actuator.

Connect the second wire of the 3-conductor shielded cable between the middle lead wiper of the 10 kOhm potentiometer to Terminal 2 on the base unit. Check the control mode using the Field Communicator.

The contents of this publication are presented for informational purposes only, and while every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, they are not.

Refer to figure for switch location. fosher

Cycl Cnt Alrt Enab 2. Attach the travel indicator, to the shaft connector or spacer as described in the fiaher kit instructions. Min Ceosing Time Travel Alerts! Testing capabilities include the following: Remove the front cover key Front Cover Detailed Setup.



Device ID H ! Travel Sensor Motion Tuning set Utility 1 2. Maintenance and Troubleshooting terminal box. Page Maintenance and Troubleshooting Table Tvi Sensor Motion Input Char 6. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Instruction manuals for supported products may be updated, if required, to support products in the field. Supported products may not be manufactured again in any Emerson Process Management location under any.

Emerson Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6000 Instruction Manual

Tvi Cutoff low 3. Page 97 Viewing Device Variables and Diagnostics seconds. See Depends upon pneumatic connections. Fusher Record Self Test Shutdown! Maintenance and Troubleshooting Table Page 39 Installation 5.

Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6000 SIS Digital Valve Controller

Proc anagement Process Management. General When enabled indicates that calibration is in progress.

Max Supply Press 3. Capacitance Conductor to Conductor 1 KHz: Place the instrument In Service and verify that the calibrated. Module Base Maintenance Maintenance and Troubleshooting D Ensure that all caps and flsher Tools Required are correctly installed before putting Table lists the tools required for maintaining the this unit back into service.

Pneumatic Relay Maintenance and Troubleshooting Table Spare parts availability is 7 years of best effort. Non-Critical NVM Alert—This alert is indicated if the checksum for data, which are not critical for instrument operation, has failed.


Page 65 Detailed Setup Table Selecting large, medium, and small adjustments 7. Tvl Alert Hi Pt 4. When Feedback Arm Kit contains feedback arm assembly, qty. Position the adjustment arm in the slot of the inches from roller to pivot point]. Maintenance and Troubleshooting 5. Drive Alrt Enab 5. Failure to DVC digital valve controller.

Accumulator value and the Travel Accumulator Alert Tisher. Page 54 to the control system terminals. Connect one wire of the 3-conductor shielded cable between terminal 1 on the feedback unit and terminal D Emerson Process Management supplied 1 on the base unit.

If using natural gas as the plastic cover when flammable gases pneumatic supply medium, natural gas will be used in or dust are present, do not rub or the pneumatic output connections of the DVC to clean the cover with solvents. Record Group Enab ! To avoid personal injury or property fisherr caused by fire or explosion, 2. Page of Go.

Fisher DVC Digital Positioner | Cascade Automation

Q O O W! Tvl Dev Alrt Pt 3. B A AB Hot Key-3 Hot Key-4 3 !