Each unit armed with a mortar weapon system gives examinations semiannually. Other units may conduct examinations or allow their eligible members to take. 90(FM ). MORTARS. DECEMBER DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors only. Title: FM 9DEC, Version: CHG-1, Date: Dec, Status: Active, Desc: FM (w/ CHANGE 1) MORTARS.

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Any target that requires that elevation or lower cannot be engaged from that position. The squad leader places the barrel in the designated dud pit and notifies EOD personnel. If he takes the first trial for record, then he must take the second trial for record even if he fails it.

Then the auxiliary carrying handle is placed in the carrying position. Attached to the base cap end is a combination carrying handle and firing mechanism.

If his actions cause the mortar to function unsatisfactorily during testing, he receives no credit for that portion of the test. This item mottars be shipped through the Global Shipping Gm and includes international tracking. Click here for more information. Commands should be varied between trials, using even and odd numbers, and right and left deflections.

Individual test scores should be maintained; squad scores should be determined and compared with other squads to build esprit de corps. WP cartridges must be stored with the fuze end up. He swabs the barrel every 10 rounds or after each end of mission. He determines mask and overhead clearance by sighting along the top of the barrel with his eye placed near the base plug.

If he chooses to use the first trial as practice, he must use the second and third trials as record. The elevating mechanism is used to elevate or depress the barrel by turning the hand crank at the base of the elevation guide tube. The mortar is prepared for action on an azimuth by the evaluator and his assistants.


The squad leader places his left leg in front of the nonmechanical leg of the bipod to keep the bipod steady morttars the misfire removal.

Correctly applying and performing these duties enables the mortar section to perform as an effective fighting team. In this test, the sight-to-sight method is used to reciprocal lay the mortar. The number of rounds, type of round, fuze setting, and charge are all included in the fire command.

The left side of the traversing mechanism has a dovetail slot to attach the sight to the bipod. The mortar should be within two turns of center of traverse when the exercise is completed.

M 60mm Light Mortar

The gunner must be sure the round does not strike any obstruction. The spread cable is a plastic-coated steel cable attached to the bipod legs, which controls the spread of the two tubular steel legs. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. If a round set for impact fails to burst on impact, it automatically bursts 0. Have one to sell? The candidate is given two trials; his credit score for the test is the total of these two trials. The section leader, acting as the FDC, prepares an administrative announcement using the format for a fire command and the hit data of the base piece as follows:.

FM 23-90 (w/ CHANGE 1), ARMY FIELD MANUAL: MORTARS (09-DEC-2002)(TO 11W2-5-13-21)

The minimum equipment needed for the five stations includes five mortars, five Mseries carriers, five sights, one aiming circle, eight aiming posts, and five kortars. If a round set for near-surface burst NSB fails to burst at the near-surface distance above the target, it automatically bursts on impact. Maintain compatibility and quantity of ammunition, as outlined in TM In most cases, the delay ranges from a split second to several minutes.


The ammunition bearer retrieves the aiming posts. Mortats moves forward of the baseplate about 12 to 15 inches and faces the baseplate on line with the left edge gunner’s viewpoint of the baseplate. The mm mortar, M, can be fired in the conventional mode or handheld mode Figure The ammunition bearer receives information in a fire command sent by the FDC and prepares the ammunition for firing.

WWII FM 81mm MORTAR M1 May 7 Book US ARMY MILITARY WW2 Artillery . | eBay

After waiting one minute, the gunner returns to the mortar. The mount is attached to the barrel at the lower saddle, and the elevating mechanism is fully depressed. If dented, he does not try to fire the round again. To do this, 23-990 gunner depresses the barrel until the top of the mask is sighted. Disregard if the crew heard the round strike the bottom of the barrel. Diagram of equipment mortsrs and position of personnel for the gunner’s examination mm mortar, M29A1.

The cartridge is blue with white markings and one brown moratrs. He levels the instrument and orients the aiming circle so that the line is in the general direction the mortar is mounted. The board makes sure that no unauthorized assistance is given the candidate during the examination.

It has a maximum range of meters and a minimum range of 56 meters. He is classified according to his latest examination score as follows:.

Mounting the mortar Small deflection change Referring the sight and realigning aiming posts Large deflection and elevation changes Reciprocal laying. Subject to credit approval. The evaluator at each station fills in the time, trial scores, and credit score, and initials the appropriate spaces.

He shakes the barrel to dislodge any debris and swabs the bore.