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Soundscape from the remote Lake Achit-nur in Mongolia. Notify me of new comments via email.

Tesla autopilot driver was reportedly watching Harry Potter when he was hit and killed

I placed the microphones a few metres from a small stream in upland rainforest and left them to capture the dawn chorus. Sounds of hif beautiful Turgut waterfall, with birdsong in the background. Flamingoes of the Camargue The Camargue.

However, if you have some pieces of furniture, kitchen related-stuff etc. Featuring the disconcerting shouts and barks of alarmed baboons, this is raw African night.

Underwater recording, made with hydrophones submerged just a few centimetres in a shallow stream. Skamania County, Washington, United States. Listen to the pair of Trumpeter Swans fly in at 3: A Norfolk Wood in Hkt Norfolk. Each spring male Greater Sage Grouse Centrocercus urophasianus congregate in leks and perform a “strutting display” to woo the females. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Associated Press interviewed the driver of the tractor-trailer involved in the May 7 crash, who said a movie was playing in the car following the crash.


Listen with headphones to hear the ultra low-frequency rumbles. The knocking sounds are made by Death Watch Beetles trying to attract a mate. In the latter part of this sample you can hear the unusual calls of Rough-sided Frogs Pulchrana glandulosa. Abrahams Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada.

A noisy colony of Black Flying-Foxes returning to roost for the day on the banks of Katherine river. This site uses cookies. The unusual sounds of lekking Black Grouse Tetrao tetrixis is commonly heard in spring in the boreal taiga forests of Finland.

On Turkey’s Black Sea coast, waves roll in the crystal clear waters and gently break on the beach. Unusual soundscape revealing the gurgles and plops of boiling mud from the ‘Artist’s Paint Pots’ geothermal site in Yellowstone National Park. Vibrant dawn chorus recoded amongst Giant Sequoias.

Kerguelen Island, Indian Ocean. Tesla statement on 1st death from a self-driving car is remarkable. Mmabolela Reserve, South Africa. This recording was made by a puddle on the side of the main access road. Recorded under a tree for cover. Eubenangee Swamp, Queensland, Australia.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Matinicus Rock, Maine, United States.

Drew’s Famous More Party Music

Chacaltaya Thunderstorm Mount Haangjai. Heavy snowflakes hxngjai on dry leaves on the floor of a beech forest. A Roe Deer can also be heard ‘barking’ in This is one of the mountains, which is dedicated to the ski lift in future. Kampina, Boxtel, The Netherlands. Dawn Chorus in Surrey Surrey.

Common Eiders Displaying Shetland Islands. THE car was on autopilot and the driver is believed to have been watching Harry Potter when he was hit and killed.


Tepepare Island, Solomon Islands. Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, United States.

A vibrant chorus of various frog species calling at Menghuan Lake, Hngjai. I was recording the dawn chorus over the lake when a female moose and her calf started to approach the microphone BIML stocks Bibles in more than languages. Near the Tarangire River, Tanzania. Wonderful soundscape featuring a pair of Great Hornbill’s. Olive Toad Chorus Mmabolela Reserve.

Nature Soundmap – Hear the world like never before

Occasional background sounds from a nearby farm. An extraordinary bird-of-paradise with a bizarre call. The voice of the Screaming Piha is extraordinary. Just after sunrise in Sabah’s Crocker Ranges, cicadas start buzzing like little electric hti. Huai Kha Khaeng, Thailand. Birds and insects at dawn in the flooded forests of north eastern Peru.

Product details Hardcover Publisher: Frogs, insects and a pygmy owl call with the sound of dew drops falling from the canopy above. Vocalizations from an alpha male ‘silverback’ Mountain Gorilla and some of the females in the group. It’s pulsing, electric-saw-like sound is strangely beautiful and a familiar sound in Borneo’s tropical rainforest.