HP 6632B PDF

HP 6632B PDF

The HP B is a single channel W DC programmable power supply with GPIB and RS connectivity. It is part of the HP x series. Agilent B/B/B/B System DC Power. Supplies All references to HP-IB have been changed to GPIB. A note about. I just picked up two HP B power supplies as I read somewhere quickly that it not only can be programmed via GPIB to set voltage/current.

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On the Function keypad, press Output. Your manual failed to upload Option is not available on HP B units. Using the Keypad shift pandSome of the front panel keys perform two functions, one labeled in black 6632bb theother in blue. Wait for the DMM readingto stabilize. Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version.

– Photography – HP B

You can change the password when the dc source is incalibration mode which requires you to enter the existing password.

Get to Know Us. Therefore, the total acquisition time for a single front panelmeasurement is about milliseconds.

Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Ltd. If there is damage, notify the shipping carrier and the nearest HP Sales andSupport Office immediately. Or at least you can get close. Full Screen Viewing – to easily view the user manual without downloading it to your computeryou can use full-screen viewing mode. Page 25 Installation – 3Under normal 66322b, the dc source senses the output voltage at the output terminals on the backof the unit.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) 6632B user manual

Warranty information is printed in the front of this guide. You can read what HP says about it but it basically kicks as much ass as I could 663b want or expect a single output PSU to kick.

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C – Error Messages—Invalid suffix [unrecognized units, or units not appropriate]—Suffix not allowed—Invalid character data [bad character, or 6632v data too long—Character data not allowed—String data error—Invalid string data [e.

CopyleftAll Wrongs Reserved. Do not block the fanexhaust at the rear of the unit. Press Save, 1, Enter.

In general, if the wires are heavy enough to carry the up short circuit currentwithout overheating, excessive voltage drops will not be a problem. Hope yours treats you well! Sorry, manual briefs data are unavailable at this moment. Wait for the dc source to compute the ac current calibration constant. Anyhoo, the unit showed up all kinds of Dirt McGirt:. The dc source must be in set to Local mode to use the front panel controls.

Measurement samples may notcoincide with the actual maximumor minimum point of the waveform.

I just bought 2 of theseand was wondering if you would like to briefly explain: Dc source status registers allow remote monitoring of a wide variety of dcsource operating conditions. Hewlett-Packard Company assumes noliability for the customer’s failure to comply with these requirements.

When set to Fast mode, this switch disconnects the output capacitor that is located inside theunit. This thing is heavy!!

Were they so fancy they were using 4-wire? Fast mode lets you improve or enhance certain operating characteristics; while at the sametime degrading other operating characteristics. And had all kinds of goofy user settings in it. For your convenience If looking through the HP Hewlett-Packard B user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: Electronics AdviceTest Equipment.


Save this state to location 1. Although my original post about this is pretty old I still use this same unit as my main bench supply. Unless otherwisenoted, both units will be referred to by the description “dc source” throughout this manual.

This capability is only available when the unit is set to the SCPI programminglanguage. Bench OperationA fan cools the dc source by drawing air in through the sides and exhausting it out the back.

This page works best with JavaScript. Page 60 B – Verification and CalibrationFront Panel CalibrationThese procedures assume you understand how to operate front panel keys see chapter 5. Page 51 Specifications – ATable A After much swearing, compressed air, and windex, the inside of the chassis looked like this:. When the unit is operating in frontpanel meter mode, all front panel measurements are calculated from a total of readings takenat a Errornumbers are returned in two ways: The dc source must beinstalled in a location that allows sufficient space at the sides and back of the unit for adequate aircirculation see Bench Operation.

B – Verification and CalibrationTable B- 5. The output of the dcsource may be adjusted to any value within the boundaries shown. In addition to letting me get ho the DIP switches, this also gave me a spiritual sense of wellness at having un-funked a nice piece of gear that somebody had really let go. Current Measurement Low Range Action7.