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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Reproduction without permission in any form or means is illegal. This version is dated November 7, Get your own Free personalized copy with your name on it of this book from http: Calcutta Class of Rushikesh Sicmat This edition aims to be an able sequel to the First Edition, which after its release on June 18,was downloaded a total of 42, times at the time of writing this preface.

Of this number, 1, books were sent as gifts. Each of the 42, people received a personalized copy with their names written on it, just like the one you are reading right now. That takes the total count of stories in the book to Between the First Edition and the Second, the CAT exam underwent a profound change from being a paper-pencil test to one that was computer-based.

You can observe this by comparing the stories of the IIM admits with those who received their admits in or before The book also sports a new design. We siimcat the Bookman Old Style font with the Baskerville font to improve the reading experience.

Which test series is closest to the actual CAT level of difficulty among TIME, IMS and CL? – Quora

The cover has been designed by Sreeraman MG, while the technology behind bringing you a personalized edition is the work of Devadatta Sahoo. About this book The Internet has the unique ability to bring out the inherent goodness within people in ways no other environment can.

Everyday, millions of strangers join hands virtually to create something that is bigger than the sum of them all. Less than five thousand actually manage to make it. This book is a compilation of the MBA entrance test preparation experiences of the successful few between and now, who took time out to write detailed chronicles of their tryst with getting through into a top MBA school on the PaGaLGuY.

These are poignant stories of longing, small triumphs followed by large setbacks, dreams shattered and then rejuvenated, sheer hard work, winning attitudes and sucking victory from the jaws of defeat.

Read the stories to know what it takes to get into a top MBA school in India, when everything goes wrong and when luck deserts you. Or whenever you feel uninspired, read your favourite story from this book to get back into the groove and crack that tough Quant problem. For the sake of not taking away from the chutzpah of the original posts, we have performed minimal language editing to the book. In future editions, where we shall include stories of a lot more people from more backgrounds.


See you in the third smcat. That last sentence was a lie. Oxford Press has promised to do no such thing. You sjmcat gloss through these words before reading the book, or refer to them on demand.

Although the method we really recommend for best results, as they say is to print this Glossary on clean A4-size paper, crumple the printouts into a ball and swallow it with two glasses of wheatgrass lemonade. CAT test-preparation coaching institutes T. Not that the contenders of this team don’t have what it takes to crack the CAT in them.

It is just that they are yet to but hope to eventually translate potential to performance.

[2012] IMS Simcat 9:Scores & Discussions

Players of the Dream Team have traditionally had a reputation of making it to the absolute top 10 b-schools of India. Somcat Inference Judgement – a format of English usage questions wherein three sentences are to be identified is factual, inferential or opinionated based on their individual meanings. Simcqt subscribers then dissect various ways of solving the question on the PaGaLGuY Forums, thereby making for collaborative learning.

The answer to the question is sent along with the next day’s question. Common Admissions Test, the toughest entrance exam in the world, used primarily to select students who shall join the coveted Indian Institutes of Management for the MBA courses.

Test Registration number, the unique identity number give to every CAT taker. Cumulative Grade Point Average – an internationally prevalent method to calculate performance across a degree course at sjmcat university or college XAT: The XAT score is used by a lot of other b-schools, largely belonging to the Xavier- branded institutions.

All India Rank, as in a competitive exam. Wait list of a college’s final admission list, not too different from WLs in railway booking. Prologue – Once upon a time in Nashik and Pune. Most of my schooling was done simcah Nashik. Thankfully, I got into the College of Engineering, Pune and immediately took admission in the Electronics and Telecommunication department there.

I was decent at academics, with a CGPA of 8. However I was never really that interested in electronics, so an electronics or a software related job wasn’t something that I really wanted. Quite honestly, the amazing packages that IIM graduates were getting was the major reason for this. I really learned a lot here.

Sikcat faculty was pretty good and the classes were very useful as the level of questions was pretty high as compared to the ordinary classes. I was also performing well in my Mocks and was pretty confident of cracking CAT. Maybe I was overconfident. Hence after getting a job in a software company, I did not take the entrance test of any other high paying ‘core electronics’ company, as I was very sure that I would be joining an IIM the next year.

I wasn’t even planning on writing any other MBA is test. I thought I had done pretty well and went to my class looking for answers to the questions. It was there that I realised that I had screwed up DI.

Realising this, I took imss XAT just to have more choice. Aimcat sure enough my predictions came true. I had just one call – IIM Kozhikode. Things were starting to look up. I barely answered anything and was out in no time.


It was siimcat bit of a joke really, I convinced the interviewers that I had an uncle who owned a winery in Nashik because of which I wanted to study ABM. Then came the results: I felt like a complete failure. I still remember that day – my dad had called to console me and I was about to cry in the middle of the street. For the first time in my life, I had failed at something that I had worked mis hard for.

And I had made it, I had converted my call! A lot of people advised me jms join IIM Lucknow – arguing that the placements were similar to the main course. But an MBA is like a marriage – you do it only once. My teachers tried to talk me out of it – saying that there’s no guarantee that I could crack the CAT again.

However, deep inside I knew for sure that I would crack it the next time. After all, the CAT and I had some unfinished business. I siimcat Byju Sir’s classes. I really had fun in the classes and they helped boost my confidence. I also started working in a job.

Thankfully, the rigours of the job were never such that I didn’t get time for my studies.

Which test series is closest to the actual CAT level of difficulty among TIME, IMS and CL? – Quora

However, I skipped everything else ins the million parties, movies etc. I had just one goal – cracking the CAT. The best part about studying for CAT was that I loved doing it. Therefore I rarely felt bored by studying, this helped me study more and helped increase my confidence.

I knew I would get through irrespective of that. It went well and I was hoping for the best. Chapter 5 – True Brilliance February 28, The CAT result was declared! But I couldn’t access the site. Finally my friend got through, and he mailed me my result. I had done it! I was rolling on the floor, laughing in disbelief and joy. I had nailed the CAT! But all this while, I felt good. I knew I was going to make it.

Also, I had learned a lot more about being an MBA. It was not just a means to obtain a fat package – it was much, much more than that. I came to know more about what students actually do at the IIMs, how their life is and how an MBA makes an impact on their lives.

SimCAT Experts Take

And I really wanted to be a part of it. And I knew that I deserved to be a part of it. Almost as if it was meant to be.

No other results have been declared, but I am more than happy with what I have. I will be starting my MBA journey soon at one of India’s best colleges – the dream has finally come true.