back. Hybrid inverters. back. PLENTICORE plus · PIKO MP plus · String inverters. back. PIKO IQ · PIKO · PIKO 36 EPC · Tools and Software. back. 10 / | DOC | KOSTAL operating manual PIKO inverter – Legal notice. KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH. Hanferstraße 6. Freiburg i. Br. Spec sheet/data sheet for the Kostal PIKO grid-tie inverter.

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Kostal Piko inverter are very reliableideal for the most complex applications. The Piko string inverters offer unparalleled functionality virtually all types of PV systems.

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It is equipped with two independent high speed MPPTup to Reduced weight and footprint, plug and play connectors is the ideal solution for systems with a single orientation modules.

  IEEE STD 1320.1 PDF

This inverter has an excellent ability to control PV pio performancesespecially in variable environmental conditions.

SolarEdge inverters have an efficient conversion architecture so as to have maximum reliability and performance in terms of energy produced. Home Inverters Kostal Kostal: InvertersKostal Kostal: Datasheet English Datasheet Piko 4. Description Specification Configuration flexibility given the wide voltage range input and depending on the power 2 or 3 MPP trackers.

Parallel operation of 2 MPPT to handle high currents. Direct connection to Piko BA or three-phase meter measures to have in a single portal in addition to production also consumption so as to increase the self-consumption using energy at best.

Kostal PIKO Inverter

September 3rd, by VPmin. InvertersKostal Tags: Dati tecnici Modello Piko 4.

Wide input voltage range, short strings can also be made. Type without converter Removable wiring box Wide input voltage range Models: Also available in a version with integrated DC disconnect switch -S.

Standard warranty of 12 years. Local and remote monitoring of integrated and function module level.


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