A Certain Slant of Light is a young adult horror novel by author Laura Whitcomb. The book was first published on September 21, by Houghton Mifflin. Someone was looking at me, a disturbing sensation if you’re dead. Though I could not feel paper between my fingers, smell ink, or taste the tip. A Certain Slant of Light, Laura Whitcomb’s lyrical and utterly compelling first young adult novel, features two ghostly young protagonists who.

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I get it, you’re both dead and you’ve never met your own kind before and you’re adults, but GEEZ.

A Certain Slant of Light (Light , book 1) by Laura Whitcomb

But when she finally succeeds in entering one, it is of the daughter of strict, layra parents. Trivia About A Certain Slant o There was a problem adding your email address. Read more from the Study Guide.

Compact Disc – Anyone wanting to read a. I apologize if that’s confusing.


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Stay in Touch Sign up. Highly recommended for all ages. I highly recommend this novel.

James helps her, and the two become even closer. When they finally meet, they fall in love and try to find their way, to find happiness. For the years she’s been a ghost, no one has ever been able to see her, until now. But I also believe that there is a giant difference between infatuation and lust, and actual love.


Everything, especially the ending, was just perfect.

I liked them well enough and I especially whitcojb their depth, but I wasn’t wholly invested in them for some reason. Apr 30, Tatiana rated it really liked it Shelves: Billy, a drug-abuser from a broken home, and Jenny, who’s family is rigidly strict in their religious whitcomg. That type of extra little touch really helped make this a very special book.

He and Helen fall in love, and he convinces her to find a body so that they can have sex semi-graphically depicted, and somehow also coldly so. But the library is a sacred place, and I sit with the patron saint of readers. Still, with what is there and the few non-gratuitous uses of the f-word, I know some people Jessica wouldn’t like it.

Brown who holds a special place in her heart. Furthermore, she never hesitates to answer many of the moral questions that possession brings up and the entire plot of this novel is nothing short of brilliant.

Living in someone else’s body has its own challenges, and Helen tries to get used to life as Jenny. I don’t think I would have read this book if it wasn’t recommended to me.

Apr 22, Miss Bookiverse rated it it was ok Shelves: It’s sensational yet sweet, hair-raising yet unhurried – there were a few quotes I took special notice of but now regret not writing down. She lives in Wilsonville, Oregon, with her son Robinson. However I bj never bored, just curious as to what direction it was going to go.


A Certain Slant of Light

This study guide contains the following sections: That their soul can be absent, drifted off to a new place, while their body remains living its life. They begin to spend time together and Helen needs to find an empty body of her own in order to be with James.

These are kids you’re inhabiting here! Helen, on the other hand, possesses the body of a teenage girl who’s parents are extremely religious – right away we are introduced to the “abortion is murder” bumper stickers – they have prayer time and read the Bible every night before bed.

After seeing all the high ratings for this including my own daughter’s 4-star ratingI was eagerly anticipating a unique and touching ghost story. They both have hearts of gold Even though Helen keeps trying to convince us otherwise. But the plot fills me with so much rage!!! Haha hide spoiler ] But this is fiction so I’ll take the disturbing and roll with it, and I still quite enjoyed the story.

Lauren Molina klingt jung, verletzlich und sehr zart. There are a few reasons why I decided to give this novel a 5 star rating.

May 15, Amerie rated it really liked it Recommended to Amerie by: