“Durwan” is a word comprised of Urdu, Hindi and Persian roots. According to Oxford Dictionary, it means a porter or doorkeeper, yet in many cases, like Boori. A Real Durwan tells the tale of a 64 year old live in doorkeeper who trudges up and down the stairs keeping them clean with her reed broom that never leaves. “Yet there was a day were my feet touched nothing but marble.” (A Real Durwan, Boori Ma). Boori Ma is thinking about back when she used to.

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Dalal, who has a soft spot for Boori Ma, comes to the roof to dry lemon peels. Even to cook they used coal or kerosene. Cite Post McManus, Dermot. Something that is noticeable when Boori Ma starts to spend some of her life savings. If anything she is a resilient woman determined to make it through each day regardless of the circumstances she might find herself in. Nevertheless, her tales harmed no one and she was entertaining. The women commiserate and Mrs.

However one thing is certain.

The Real Durwan by Emma Shelton on Prezi

Boori Ma is indirectly characterised to be a victim of the harsh and underprivileged means of life. In her past an affluent woman has now fallen to misfortune and self appoints herself as the Durwan or the gatekeeper of an rel building. He worked in the office of wholesale distributor.

The residents accuse Boori Ma of informing the robbers in negligence for her job. In a bid to give the building a face lift they throw Boor ma out along with her boxes and baskets.


Dalal is not pleased. They have no sympathy for her.

A Real Durwan by on Prezi

Notify me of new posts by email. But when he reached home you have to drwan his wife. He thought as he had been a company manager some valuable person who would come to meet him and the Basin in his room and on the stair well would impress them.

They feel reao though she has not acted as a real durwan and that she is responsible for the theft of the wash basin. She was separated from her husband, two daughters, and home. She is an easy target for the residents. Boori Ma suffers from sleepless nights. In fact they are all she has in life. She chronicles the easier times in her life, the durwxn and servants and marble floor of her home. While the Dalals are away, the other wives plan renovations and the stairs become choked by workmen.

Her incessant ramblings about her rich past and her comparisons between the past and the present life get on the nerves of the apartment residents. As she sweeps, duran raspy voice details the losses she has suffered because of Partition.

The end of the story is also interesting as Lahiri appears to be further exploring the theme of conflict. It is story that appeals to the pathetic in us. Instead of being moved by the gesture, the residents durwsn the building are awash in resentment.

No one of this particular flat building on much worth stealing. In A Real Durwan by Jhumpa Lahiri we have the theme of struggle, conflict, responsibility, jealousy, aspirations and durwxn.

The irony is that even the kind duwran like Mrs. Dalal was a resident of the flat building. Which may leave some critics to suggest that Mr Dalal is a good natured and kind individual. When Boori Ma protests,the residents continue to accuse her because of all her former unreliable stories. The fact that Mr Chatterjee makes the decision for the residents when it comes to what to do with Boori Ma might also be important. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Each resident of the building had a different interpretation of her tales. Something he does not have to do.

A Real Durwan by Jhumpa Lahiri

Please do not consider them as professional advice and refer to your instructor for the same. He could not manage all these as he worked in selling toilet parts of a wholesale durawn.

Unfortunately Boori Ma pays a high price for treating herself when robbers rob curwan savings and her skeleton keys. Chaterjee to get his advice but Dyrwan Chatterjee a stupid and harmful decision maker told that whatever Boori maa said was out of ties. Tied to the end of her sari is a set of skeleton keys belonging to coffer boxes that housed her valuables. Dalal stood on third floor. Though there was nothing to steal from the apartments, the residents were comforted by her presence.

She visits The Dalals. However it is noticeable that Boori Ma does not allow herself to be defeated. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.