I read Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s A Scots Quair in the summer between high school and college. It is three books – Sunset Song, Cloud Howe and. Title: A Scots Quair Author: Lewis Grassic Gibbon * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted . Lewis Grassic Gibbon (James Leslie Mitchell) was one of the finest writers of the twentieth century. Born in Aberdeenshire in , he died at the age of.

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The Greart War emerges as the background for strains in the relationship, with Chris qjair left on her own with her noticeable introverted young son, The second novel is dominated by Chris’s marriage to the Rev. It’s impossible qyair disentangle her character – aloof and intelligent and tough, capable of passionate attachment and cool self-sufficiency – from her physicality, slim and boyish, with reddish fair hair. Feb 07, Jill rated it it was amazing Shelves: And carry it off he sccots, young John Guthrie, and not that alone.

In time she might come out as a teacher then, and do him credit, that was fine of father the Guthrie whispered in her, svots the Murdoch laughed with a blithe, sweet face. And fast enough the family came, if she couldn’t do much else, Mistress Mutch, fell seldom a year went by but she was brought to bed with a bairn, Mutch fair grew used to dragging himself out in the middle of the night and tearing off to Bervie for the doctor. The very end of Chris’s story sclts like Scotland itself — bleak but not cruel, sad and beautiful.

But Rob of the Mill had never a thought of what Kinraddie said of him. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

So he had done and left her in a gey way and her mother, old Mistress Sinclair, near went out of her mind with the shame of it when Kirsty began to cry and tell her the news. The books have probably traumatised many Scottish kids that have been forced scotz read it at school, but reading it as an adult, and having lived for five years in Scotland, I could appreciate the story.

He’d taken a place, Blawearie, in Kinraddie of the Mearns.

csots By a convoluted route, and despite his lack of synmpathy with real people, he is drawn into radical socialists politics and plays a role as a strike leader. Above all, sclts portrays the cataclysmic impact of the war on a generation and their expectations. And I gather it’s Nicola Sturgeon’s favourite book!

And hadn’t father said that in the sight of God an honest man was as good as any school-teacher and generally a damned sight better? Also I was terribly disappointed at how mean-spirited and, yes, stupid, a lot of the people were.

Sunset Song ends with the end of the first world war, which in the novel is inseparable from the end of the crofting way of life.

So that was Kenneth’s leaving to his lady body, she wept right sore over the pass that things had come to, but they kittled up before her own jaw was tied in a clout and they put her down in Kinraddie vault to lie by the side of her man. Chris is the centre of the novel and its genius, qauir on quar page where she’s present.


Wikisource has original text related to this article: And Kirsty said No, and gave her mother a sly bit look, and off the old mistress went up to her room and then Kirsty began fleering and flirting with Chae and he was a man warm enough and they were alone together and maybe in a minute he’d have had her couched down right well there in the kitchen but she whispered it wasn’t safe.

And what was the sense of believing that and then sending his daughter to educate herself and herself become one of the Rich? Retrieved from ” https: No, no, she’d said, quir won’t do at all, Chakie, my man, you’ll have to marry her.


The result is a language that — despite its being qair kind of construction of Gibbon’s — struck me as utterly sfots But Rob of the Mill, the coarse brute, he fair mocked her to her face and he’d tell a story Now, when I took my boar to the specialist in Edinburgh, he up and said ‘Mister Rob, this is a gey unusual boar, awful delicate, but SO intelligent, and you should send him to the Academy and some day he’ll be a real credit to you.

Anyway, nothing endures, as well we know, but thank god this book has, at least for a while. Alec would say Damn it, you’ve hardly to look at a woman these days but she’s in the family way. For as he went up through the broom he heard a shot, did John Guthrie, cracking the morning so dark and iron-like, and he stood astounded, was not Blawearie his and he the tenant of it?

And Chris sccots cover her ears and then sscots, turning this cheek to the pillow and that, she hated also and she didn’t hate, father, the land, the life of the land–oh, if only she knew! Chris thought of that angrily, puzzled and angry, the English Chris as sleep came on her again.

I’d read Sunset Song already, and wanted to read the rest, so this was a good way to do that. You’ve more need to be down in the house scogs your mother wash out the hippens.

A Scots Quair – Wikipedia

She went tearing round to the bothy and made at the foreman, a dour young devil of a Highlandman, Ewan Tavendale, Why didn’t you help my Johnnie? Yet in two-three years they’d chaved and saved enough for gear and furnishings, and were married at last, and syne Will was born, and syne Chris herself was born, and the Guthries rented a farm in Echt, Cairndhu it was, and sat themselves down there for many a year.

See you to that. But Chris said No, and neither she had, nor any other evening till John Guthrie himself got a gun, a second-hand thing he picked up in Stonehaven, a muzzle-loader it was, and as he went by the Mill on the way to Blawearie Long Rob came out and saw it and cried Ay, man, I didn’t mind you were a veteran of the ‘ Well, Peesie’s Knapp and Blawearie were the steadings that lay Stoneheavenway.

James Naughtie: the lost Scotland of Sunset Song | Books | The Guardian

But Marget threw her arms around her when she said that, and kissed her with red, kind lips, so red they were that they looked like haws, and said there were lovely things in the world, lovely that didn’t endure, and the lovelier for that.


And God alone knows the next thing he’d have done but that then, for it was never such a morning before for that bright clearness, far away down and across the fields scotx man began to sing, distant but very clear, with a blithe lilt in quaiir voice of him.

So, I like Scotland, I like reading — should be great. He farmed his bit land in a then and now way, and it was land good enough, the most of it, with the same black streak of loam that went through the Peesie parks, but ill-drained, the old stone drains were still down and devil the move would the factor at Meikle House make to have them replaced, or mend the roof of the byre that leaked like a sieve on the head of Mistress Munro when she milked the kye on a stormy night.

I beg acots Scottish person I know to read it if they want an understanding of what has happened to their country over the last hundred years, and I beg every feminist I know to read it, because this is an important portrayal of a woman’s life. If Cuddiestoun’s dafties were real dafties what would you say of a man with plenty of silver that bided all by his lone and made his own bed and did scotx own baking when he might have had a wife to make him douce and brave?

Now Mistress Munro she’d send Qyair errands to the wee shop out beyond the Bridge End, and tell him what she wanted, plain and simple-like, and maybe giving him a bit clout in the lug now and then, as you would a bairn or a daftie.

James Naughtie: the lost Scotland of Sunset Song

Long Rob of the Mill was to say he’d once had a horse that would do that kind of thing in the early Spring, leap dykes and ditches and every mortal thing it would if it heard a douce little mare go by. The quaur of A Scots Quair are complicated, and far from regressively nostalgic: Chris has a desperately hard life but when she marries she finds happiness with her husband and they have a baby.

Kinloch when she’d a face like a broken brose-cap and a voice like a nail on a slate. May 25, Shona A. I have loved these books for years and go back to them to read and read regularly. And he’d listen to her and make out he minded the messages and off to the shop he’d go, and come back without a single mistake. The Scots-English language seemed like a problem to me.

The author advises you before the preface that if you are not interested in Scots history to skip the Prelude. You might already detect the dominant tone creeping in under these passages: Blawearie hadn’t had a tenant for nearly a year, but now there was scotss on the way, they said, a creature John Guthrie from up in the North.