Abraham Cahan () was a Russian-American novelist and labor leader . His family, which was devoutly Orthodox, moved in to Wilna; there young. Introduction. Abraham Cahan’s English-language novella Yekl: A Tale of the New York Ghetto, published in , is a work of realistic fiction that draws attention. Yekl: A Tale of the New York Ghetto [Abraham Cahan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The operatives of the cloak-shop in which Jake.

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When she is disappointed in her gift expectations, Goldy is ashamed for her desire to spend their money on the wedding instead of furniture. Julia Hurley rated it really liked it Oct 14, He promises to divorce Gitl and marry Mamie since she is the only one he cares for.

An older rabbi admonishes Asriel who apologizes to the congregation. Do writers have a responsibility to think about the social impact of their writing, beyond artistic and aesthetic concerns? Cahan not only distinguished himself through Yiddish literature, but also through his English fiction that dealt with the sociological and historical process of immigrants becoming Americans. After landing in America, Asriel takes Shaya shopping to obtain smart clothes before presenting him to Flora.

Socialist newspaper editor and novelist. Flora elopes with Shaya, but she feels excluded from his future when he seems more interested in his books than his new wife.

Asriel praises America and Flora to Shaya. Asriel prays as it is the anniversary of his father’s death and Asriel is a very pious.

Abraham Cahan

When Asriel forbids the match, Shaya and Flora elope. Asriel refuses to send Shaya away even if she does not agree to the match because he is fond of the boy. Wendy rated it it was amazing Nov 21, He was the founder-editor of the Yiddish newspaper, Forverts. Asriel discusses the prodigy with the innkeeper early that evening.


David is mesmerized by Beile and enjoys her singing at work. He plans to open a grocery store with Gitl.

Want to Read saving…. She is angry that Heyman does not stand up for her, but those feelings quickly subside as David begins to court her. He cahab to hug her when she is released, causing his son, Yossele, to kick him. Lipman treats her like a servant, Beile quits the Lipmans’ shop at David’s encouragement.

Shaya is a prodigy in Pravly, and negotiations are underway for his marriage to Reb Lippe’s youngest daughter when Asriel arrives, outbids Reb Lippe and takes Shaya to America to marry Flora. When he moves to America, Rouvke changes his name to Robert Friedman, and he is proud and arrogant. In what cultures is Jake trying to take part?

The entire review is presented in this resource, and the teacher may wish to project that—the first image that appears—to give their students a glimpse at the startling headline and a sense of the way the article was laid out, with a portrait of the article-writer at its center we get a sense of the authority of this figure from the illustration, and its caption, “America’s most famous living novelist as he appears in his latest and best photograph by Cox”.

Feb 28, Carolina rated it really liked it Shelves: She threatens to tell Gitl about his gallivanting before his wife joined him in America.

He encourages her to quit the Lipmans’ shop when Mrs. Jake leaves after telling Mrs. He received a traditional Jewish education and later matriculated at a Russian government-authorized Jewish school designed to Russify Jewish youth. In Czarist Russia eykl, repression from both the government and the Russian Orthodox Church restricted the travel, settlement, and educational opportunities of Jewish subjects, who were subject to discrimination and brutality. Why do you think local color writing was so popular in the late nineteenth century?

Abraham Cahan – Wikipedia

The more Jake abrsham about Mamie, the more irritable he grows with Gitl. Reb Tzalel saw Shaya smoking a cigarette on the Sabbath last week. Tatyanaappears in Circumstances Tatyana is Boris’ wife. When Gitl comes out of the bedroom to yell at Jake, Jake denies her accusations. Kavarsky serves as Gitl’s confidant when Gitl suspects that Jake is cheating on her. In keeping with his socialist politics, Cahan believed that immigrants needed to combine formal learning with informal studies about local life and community customs to achieve not only an education but also integration into American society.


Rouvke peddles but does not interact with females as the other peddlers do. Excerpt from Abraham Cahan novella Yekl.

Yekl and the Imported Bridegroom and Other Stories of the New York Ghetto Characters

She is jealous of Mamie when Jake introduces the two women. Have students first create their own illustrations of Gitl, or write down a description of the character and how they might expect to portray her in a picture.

Jake leaves before Gitl recovers. Ask them which lines they find particularly funny, and why. Twayne Publishers,pp.

It was the leading organ for Reform Judaism in America in the early twentieth century. They argue because Fanny is jealous of Mamie, but Fanny dances with Abrahxm. He finds America inferior to Pravly only in its tasteless piety. For Men and Women,” pg. Jake and Mamie take a carriage to the mayor’s office to be married. Jake has been recruited by the dancing master to ask if Mamie, one of the prettiest girls there, would deign to give an awkward but well-connected businessman a whirl, as he stands forlorn abrahma neglected in a corner of the room.

He was appointed as a teacher in a Jewish school funded by the Russian government in VelizhVitebsk, in the same year.