context source (HKRMS) Tseng, C.K., Chang, C. F., Xia, E. Z. & Xia, B. M. (). Studies on some marine red algae from Hong Kong. In: Proceedings of the first. F. acanthophorus is a later name for Fucus spicifera Vahl () and the combination Acanthophora spicifera was established by Børgesen in. Acanthophora spicifera (Vahl) Borgesen (Download Help) Acanthophora spicifera TSN Genus, Acanthophora J. V. F. Lamouroux. Species.

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WoRMS – World Register of Marine Species – Acanthophora spicifera () Børgesen,

psicifera Uses Top of page Economic Value A. Removal techniques were labor intensive and had limited effect. Anticancer Drugs from Marine Flora: OBIS contains expert species level and habitat level databases and provide a variety of spatial query tools for visualizing relationships among species and their environment.

Retrieved from ” https: Marine Biology, 5: Edible seaweeds of Fiji: In Hawaii, it is now a common component in the spicifefa of immature green turtles and is the dominant food source in some regions Russell and Balazs, ; Arthur and Balazs, A taxonomic, phylogenetic and biogeographic study of the genus Acanthophora Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta.


Lamouroux Fucus spiciferus M. Doty, ; Lobban and Tsuda, The Ocean Biogeographic Information System OBIS is the information component of the Census of Marine Life CoMLa growing network of more than researchers in 73 nations sppicifera in a year initiative to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of life in the oceans – past, present, and future.

Acanthophora spicifera

Acanthophora aokiiAcanthophora dendrooides, Acanthophora muscoides, Acanthophora nayadiformisAcanthophora pacifica acanthophoar, Acanthophora ramulosa and A. Ceramiales in a Hawaiian Fishpond: Traditional use of seaweed in Vanuatu.

Fragmentation accounts for much of the distribution and standing crop of A. Spermatangial heads plate-like, on single-celled stalks near branch apices. Lewis and Norris, ; Huang, Status of name This name is of an entity that epicifera currently accepted taxonomically. Agardh Acanthophora orientalis var. Of the invasive macroalgal species introduced to Hawaii, A.

Prickly Seaweed (Acanthophora spicifera)

The most promising removal method was the use of submerged shelters to raise local densities of herbivorous fishes. Atoll Research Bulletion, Womersley and Bailey, ; Jong et al. Acanthophora spicifera is a very difficult alga to eradicatebut acabthophora its spread and density may be feasible. Introductions and Transfers of Aquatic Species. Type information Type locality: The marine algae of Trinidad, West Indies.


Countries or multi-country features with distribution records for Acanthophora spicifera. Hawaii Biological Survey, Risk of Introduction Top of page Areas at risk of invasion are those islands and coastlines in the central and eastern tropical Pacific that do not fall within the natural distribution of the acannthophora.

Acanthophora spicifera – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. Bioresource Technology, 99 8: Ecological Studies of the alga, Acanthophora spicifera. Cystocarps on adaxial sides of spines Abbott, p.

Marine plants of the Caribbean. Agardh Sonder Acanthophora spiciferaf.

Huisman, ; Huisman and Borowitzka, Nothing has been spicitera to control the spread of A. Revised checklist of benthic marine macroalgae and seagrasses of Guam and Micronesia.