PHPMailer::addStringAttachment Add a string or binary attachment (non- filesystem). WordPress. Adds a string or binary attachment (non-filesystem) to the list. This method can be used to attach ascii or binary data, such as a BLOB record from a database. Thus I need to set encoding to utf I ran into a problem here. Without encoding like this: $mail->addStringAttachment($csvstring, $fileName);.

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Some clients do not show pictures in thier mails. Only after that it worked. Provide the address, where you would like to receive the newsletter.

In other words everything works fine, but the sender does not need to receive the attachments, but I cannot figure out how to turn off that one feature without addstringattachment the attachements that still need to go to the receipient.

I set charste to utf I can easily attach one file through upload and AddAttachment but It doesn’t accept multiple files.

How to send ical attachment via PHPMailer

I found right content. Anyone can help me??

Ensure you have the right path the the phpmailer. Thanx i was trying from last 3 days and its helped me.


Its works fine in my development server not in production server. I have used above code to send image and attachment but I could not get any sddstringattachment or image in mail.

How to send ical attachment via PHPMailer

Here are some solutions to some problems I found in the comments: Where exactly inside WAMP should i place these extracted contents??? How to send mail using telnet connection to SMTP server PHP class for detecting and handling possible mail headers in text Sending email with attachment from the command line. I just tested it in Outlook In Outlook the link works but no image In Gmail the Image shows but no hyperlink Does anyone know the solution to this please.

I have my PHPMailer scripts working great, but I need to turn off the attachemnts when it sends the response to the person that filled out the form and added the attachments. Short answer to uros: No its not, its a string of text, calling it a pdf does not magically make it one.

Hello sir R u show mail code for user. Hi can any one help me to fixed this problem: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


I was looking for how to use php Mailer class. NIM Try this one: Post as a guest Name.

PHP Method PHPMailer::AddStringAttachment, Code Examples

Why don’t you try using SMTP as described in the article. And it doesn’t throw error msg, the files just don’t show up in the mail received. Add picture, not as attachment.

If so, please show me how. I am new to phpmailer and I am able to send emails, emails with attachments, and stringattachments that are.

Examples using phpmailer

Esa Rantanen There is a bug fix for phpmailer v5 to attach more than one file http: Language string failed to load: No need to specify encoding and MIME type – both will be set automatically. How do I send all items on the form? Your hosting provider might have removed the mail function. Hi, Can somebody help me am getting this error Message was not sent.