AFBC boilers firing coal are not competitive with oil or gas .. versa. The disadvantage of an EHE is that it complicates the design and operation of the unit . There are more than 42 nos AFBC boilers operating worldwide which were designed as per Doosan Power System design and supplied either directly from the. It would be pointless to put whole Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion (AFBC ) Boiler knowledge here. But from a quick search within Quora and Google you.

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A given FBC boiler design will not necessarily burn any type of fuel; nonetheless, a specific unit can handle considerably wider fluctuations in fuel composition than a conventional combustion boiler.

The coal price sensitivity of annual costs for the three S02 control alternatives are equivalent for practical purposes. Also, the distribution plate for the upper bed acts as a baffle, reducing fines elutriation from the lower bed.

An evaluation of the afcb status of F8C technology is boi,er in Section 3. Recent research data, presented in Figure 4. MA Flu lily nc Engineering Corp. This is because the added fuel charges for the lower sulfur content, but more expensive, Type F coal outweigh the capital and operating cost savings which result from lower limestone feed and solid waste disposal requirements. Particle bonding produces a uniform operafion size with large macropores from the limestone, boielr bed material, or elutriated material.

This section will focus on the bojler developments concerning operatjon bed configurations and improvement of emissions control, especially S02 and NOX emissions. The majority of the AFBC units are based on the conventional bubbling bed design, with a few units based on the circulating bed design.

These emission control levels and the methods for achieving control are summarized in Table 6. Five modifications to the. However, SCL emissions x c. A primary cyclone is included in the FBC boiler design but a final PM control device is necessary to reach the emission limits specified in the table.


These facilities are capable of performing tests at a wide variety of operating conditions in configurations ranging from the conventional bubbling bed to the circulating bed. FBC boiler cost study.

Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion Boiler (AFBC)

An algorithm is a mathematical expression which relates costs to key design and operating parameters e. PM collection efficiencies of Ft2 Fx2 Ut. City of Eksjo H48 Lumber Co.

Plant Owner Boise Cascade Corp. This assumes that there is opdration high probability that the true cost differential between two technologies will be within 15 percent of the cost differential estimated by the algorithms. Since the ITAR was published, a significant amount of development work has been conducted to more thoroughly investigate the beneficial effects of recycling elutriated bed material.

The costs associated with waste stream disposal are highly site-specific and are influenced by the following parameters: Babcock i Wllcox Co.

While the majority of the data are from the EPRI 6’x6′ unit, the results from other units show the same trend when boilwr data are examined independently. Goodstine of Combustion Engineering, Inc. Each of these cost categories can be further subdivided into individual cost components. Refer to Subsection 4. Therefore, information concerning boiler performance was not available.

In this section, the capital and annual cost estimates derived from the FBC algorithm are compared with independent estimates developed in the last few years by Combustion Engineering, Inc.

The specific equipment lists and assumptions used to develop the various algorithms are discussed in the following sections. Interest on working capital is based on a 10 percent interest rate.

In conjunction with E. Similar technology was originally used in other applications such as fluidized catalytic cracking of petroleum feedstocks. Also, the lower excess air levels and increased heat transfer rates of FBC designs due to turbulent and well-mixed combustion zones allow for more compact boiler designs.

Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion Boiler (AFBC) – RESURGENT POWER PROJECTS LIMITED

Solids recycle incorporated in the same unit is shown to provide a substantial improvement in sulfur capture. No effort is being made to control S02 emissions. CPB adbc – Pyropower design 12,13, Preliminary testing of grinding and reinjecting sorbent in an experimental AFBC unit resulted in an 18 percent improvement in SO, removal efficiency00 C J for a constant limestone feed rate.


FBC costs, on the other hand, show boilerr steady increase as boiler size increases throughout the range examined.

In-bed particle size is also a function of solids residence time which in turn is determined by sorbent feed rate, bed volume, and recycle ratio. The advances which have resulted from both governmental and private research and development programs will be reviewed. Tests on various limestone grain sizes have shown that sulfur capture drops off rapidly, from 85 percent to 65 percent, as grain size increases from um to um.

Box 95 S 22 Partille.

PM emissions of less than 0. Letter from Virr, M. Sweden No Boi,er res Solids Circulation. Adjustment for this difference would tend to bring the TVA data within the Westinghouse envelope and closer to the optimistic projection.

Advantages of AFBC (Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion) Boiler – ASKPOWERPLANT

In addition to sulfur content, factors such as the form of the sulfur and the alkalinity and quantity of ash affect SCL emissions. The following methods were initially used to control the amount of heat transferred to the boiler tubes: The capital recovery cost is determined by multiplying the capital recovery factor, which is based on the real interest rate and the equipment life, by the total turnkey costs see Table D-l. Radian Corporation Under Contract No. The emphasis of this update will be on S02 emissions but nitrogen oxide NOX and particulate matter PM emissions will also be considered; 2.