A high priced male escort and a blind gay man meet by chance. What ensues is a hot, steamy romance between two men looking for something more than a one. Afflicted II. The second book in the Afflicted gay romance series by Brandon Shire . Book 1: A high priced male escort and a blind gay man meet by chance. What ensues is a hot, steamy romance by two men looking for.

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Ratings and Reviews 0 11 star ratings 0 reviews. The thing I loved the most was the world in the book. Now is when I say the first chapter or two were hard for me to get through, the writing style is very descriptive and since it’s Hunter’s POV it’s also a lot about smells and at least for me it wasn’t easy to read and sometimes even slightly unpleasant.

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In fact, I 3. Hunter embraced Dillon’s domination. I didn’t really care for the cover and also, no one had recommended him to me before, so what could I be missing, really? I would like to extend my appreciation to Mr.

All in all I really enjoyed the book. Unfortunately, from the beginning of the second book, Hunter seems to be backtracking from that point and be plagued with questions about how soon it is to proceed to the next step, how serious is Dillon about him or if this is just a fling with an ending date, how good they are for each other, AND heaven help us, if he is in shiree with Dillon!


The misunderstanding was resolved, they had another round of passionate sex so the book should end, right?

Dillon seemed to me more like a guest star here than a main character; the book seemed to be more about Hunter insecurities and lots of hot sex scenes than getting to know both of them better and seeing their relationship evolve.

Preview — Feels like Friday by Allen Renfro. It is affflicted first time he allows another to take the reigns, and finds it only makes him stronger. As the sex changed from only physical to more emotional, I felt it along with them.

I wouldn’t believe me either Nov 12, This song set the tempo and the rhythm of the mood that I was striving for so closely that I added a link to it within the e-book, hopefully allowing readers another level of interaction with the characters.

Sep 16, My eyes began to glaze over half way through that. Other books in the series. He goes from soft, gentle, quiet, and beautiful words to a full in-your-face crescendo of exquisite crudeness. McCoubrey author of One Boy’s Dude, you aren’t getting coal in your stocking for christmas, you’re getting the herp. It’s was like having sex and before the biggest orgasm of your life, the other person stops. The book was good from the start.

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He listens to the timbre of their voice, trembles at the afflivted of their skin, and luxuriates in the deep richness of the aroma of man. Can we not know what happens next?

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Shire didn’t force himself to follow the hallowed “romance formula”. I get annoyed when writers think they have to tell me or explain to me every little thing. For all of two minutes you kind want to pull an exorcist. The wonderful and at times incredibly lyrical prose meshes beautifully with the raw, lush, intense and edgy sex.

Quite honestly I think everyone but me enjoyed it!!! And a little stereotypical.

I wanted to enjoy this book more than I actually did though. A hustler who omits protection is not being a good boyfriend.

Afflicted II (Afflicted, #2) by Brandon Shire

I’m hoping there will be a book 3. Love isn’t going to fix me, or you. THE WRITING The question hung like flypaper swirling in the air, all the dead carcasses a tribute to that particular twist in life called consequences, which in this case remained unspoken. Hunter Stephens is gay, tall, dark haired and scorching hot. I’m not familiar with serials and don’t brandkn what to expect. Afflictes anything, it was one of the interesting aspects of the story. Maybe in spite of it.