After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation. Giles MacDonogh, Author. Basic $32 (p) ISBN After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation. By Giles MacDonogh. New York: Basic Books, ISBN Maps. Photographs. In After the Reich,Giles MacDonogh has written a comprehensive history of Germany and Austria in the postwar period, drawing on a vast array of contemporary.

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After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation

It’s a very interesting read to know that war only brings misery, death, destruction, occupation and struggle for decades to com Macdonkgh took me almost 6 months to finish this book. I am aware of what the Nazis did to Jews and others, but two wrongs don’t make a right. On the other end the murder of millions of across Europe in a war only Hitler and his flunkies wanted, seems like the real crime, and this was just the inevitable fallout of an insane and brutal policy that failed.

The vengeful plan by US Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau to turn defeated Germany into an impoverished “pastoral” country, gilles of modern industry, is recounted by MacDonogh, as well as other genocidal schemes to starve, sterilize or deport the population of what was left of the bombed-out cities.

I have always considered Nazis as the m I am completely overwhelmed by the described human tragedy in defeated Germany first years after WWII. Echoes of today, although I suppose white European refugees are more cuddley thatthose from the Middle East.

An extraordinary book on a part of history not much considered outside Germany. Instead the victorious Allies ushered in a horrible new era that, in many ways, was worse than the destruction wrought by war. Giles MacDonogh born is a British writer, historian and translator. The depth of his human understanding, the judiciousness of his pickings from source material and the quality of his writing make this book at once gripping and grave.

Gilez Reich scarred the world, but my God, it scarred Germany too. It took me almost 6 months to finish this book. Sep 24, Kelley rated it liked it. Historian Giles MacDonogh has unearthed a record of brutality which has been largely ignored by historians or, worse, justified as legitimate retaliation for the horror of the Holocaust.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Goles the midst of this circle of charred buildings a new city center was going up during my schoolyears.

Project MUSE – After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation (review)

View all 5 comments. I would have given this book five stars, but there were a few issues that bothered me. The Best Books of There are interminable ramblings about insignificant occurrences was he paid per page? The worst part of WWII came afte it ended. Effectively there was what we now call mass ethnic cleansing on a vast scale macfonogh whole populations made to up root and walk hundreds of miles with little to eat and often quite unsuitable clothing.

This absorbing study of the Allied occupation of Germany and Austria from to shows that the end of WWII by no means ended the suffering. When the Third Reich collapsed inthe Allied powers aftsr on Germany and divided it into four zones of occupation.

War is never pleasant, but I did not know that the peace was tainted with so much hatred and revenge parred with an uncompromising notion of the collective guilt of ALL Germans. In his eagerness he depicts the deprivations caused by non-fraternization and denazification practices in the Western zones as the moral equivalents to the rape, torture, and beatings occurring in the Soviet zone.

Afer 31, Phillip rated it it was amazing. The Brutal History of the Allied O “War is killing,” said General Sherman, and there certainly can be no dispute about that–nor can there be much maconogh that the history of those wars, at least most of it, is written by the victors.

The exposure of the true horrors of the aftwr camps added fuel for all concerned. And the individual stories of suffering can be heartbreaking: General Eisenhower denied the Germans access to any foreign aid, meaning that German civilians were forced to subsist on about 1, calories a day.

Amazing – so many things I did not know about how the defeated Germans were treated by the allies. The German occupation was brutal, and this cannot be ignored, but somehow there is a tinge of justice to it all, the feeling that at Seriously, what goes around comes around, and when you start a war of macdoogh aggression and butcher millions, the occupiers are not likely to be all that kind.


Mistakes were made, but I feel this book has an agenda and that is to gloss over the evil of the Third Reich an Factual? He who reoch the sword shall perish by the sword, and never was there more truth in it than here, in Germany immediately after WWII.

First ashamed of their national humiliation at the hands of the Allies and Soviets, and later ashamed of the horrors of the Holocaust, Germans too have remained largely silent — a silence W. It’s a very interesting read to know that war only brings misery, death, mafdonogh, occupation and struggle for decades to come.

Reeich decades and decades that have passed since, only proves th Amazing – so many things I did not know about how the defeated Germans were treated by the allies. No trivia or quizzes yet. For me the glaring omission was that he did not confront the full force of the injustice- the deliberate mass extermination of Germans and then it’s mmacdonogh.

I cannot say when I began this book as I put it down half read a while ago as I found that the first half became very harrowing.

A very thoroughly researched book, with a wealth of information in it that most people do not have. Open Preview See a Problem?

Anyone who appreciates history, WWII buffs. Apr 11, Henriette rated it really liked it.

Certainly the refugee or ‘displaced persons’ problem lasted for long after the war ended. I learned a lot from this mafdonogh and would recommend it to anyone interested in this time period.