Author: Aldous Huxley. Date first posted: Sep. 11, wiser, more conducive to a quiet life, to leave Loudon and start afresh in some other parish? Grandier. HUXLEY’S MASTERPIECE AND PERHAPS THE MOST ENJOYABLE BOOK ABOUT SPIRITUALITY EVER WRITTEN..” — Washington Post Book WorldAldous. Note. In this short text, Aldous Huxley puts forward the hypothesis that the evils we ascribe to religious intolerance and obscurantism are instead a product of.

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The Devils of Loudon by Aldous Huxley () (read in ) > Books & Movies > earthli News

In the personages of other times hhxley alien cultures we recognize our all too human selves and yet are aware, as we do so, that the frame of reference within which we do our living has changed, since their day, out of all recognition, that propositions which seemed axiomatic then are now untenable and that what we regard as the most self-evident postulates could not, at an earlier period, find entrance into even the most boldly speculative mind.

Meanwhile, new and previously undreamed-of devices for exciting mobs have been invented.

This idolatrous transformation of the relative into the Absolute and the all to human louodn the Divine, makes it possible for them to indulge their ugliest passions with a clear conscience and in alous certainty that they are working for the Highest Good.

He says “possession is more often secular than supernatural. Mar 08, Steve Cooper rated it it was amazing. Fascinating account of the political machinations of the church at the time of Richlieu and how witch hunts and possessions could hhxley used as tools to get rid of those that stood in the way of power grabs, how celibacy in religious callings led to neurosis, delusion and ultimately a failure to reach transcendence, how exorcism was seen as a public spectacle and how the egos of the “possessed” and the exorcists were displayed in their sordid performances.

But you cannot oversimplify without distorting the facts.


Aldous Huxley, The Devils of Loudun. Appendix ()

He says there’s no reason to discount the existence of malevolent discorporate conscious entities, or demons, but in this case loudoon corruption of Catholic church makes us doubt their involvement. They are part of the common heritage of the human race It is a historical narrative of supposed demonic possessionreligious fanaticismsexual repressionand mass hysteria that occurred in 17th-century France surrounding unexplained events that took place in the small town of Loudun.

Grandier maintained his innocence to the end alodus four years after his death the nuns were still being subjected to exorcisms to free them from their demonic bondage. As stated by Huxley, elsewhere in the book: Here our concern is with ‘vain repetition’ as a descending road into an intrapersonal alienation.

There are long, historical sections as well as treatises on the mind of the average citizen of France or the world, for that matter at the time. As the attractiveness of the churches declines, so also does their influence, so do their wealth, their political power and, along with these, their capacity for doing evil on a large scale. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

In the spiritual field we find analogous records of spontaneous theophanies. Return to Book Page. That all that discourse is so pinheaded and narrow-minded. On a hot August day inFather Urbain Grandier, the priest of the church of Saint Croix in the French city of Loudun was slowly burned alive at the stake for the crimes of sorcery and spell casting as well as his responsibility in the possession and corruption of the cities enclosed Ursuline nuns of during what has been come to be known as the Loudun Possessions.

One of these private roads is the way of the mantramthe way of what Christ called ‘vain repetition’. There is the radio, which has enormously extended the range of the demagogue’s raucous yelling.

As a mature reader I more fully appreciate the behavior of the Ursuline nuns who Grandier was supposed to have corrupted. In actual life a downward movement may sometimes be made the beginning of an ascent. But however great, however important for thought and technology, for social organization and behavior, the differences between then and now are always peripheral.


And it’s sort of about everything. Retrieved from ” https: The self-transcendence is invariably downward into the less than human, the lower than personal. The sorcery charge was bunk, and most of the people involved understood this to be the case. But I think the worst devi,s about it is that sales need to be boosted to begin with.

huxxley He carefully, almost relentlessly exposes the self-serving motives of the people involved without resorting to the complacency of hindsight. At the center remains a fundamental identity.

The possession was more likely hysteria. Huxley’s vivid account of this bizarre tale of religious and sexual obsession transforms our understanding of the medieval world. In the course of the last forty years the techniques for exploiting man’s urge towards this most dangerous form of downward self-transcendence have reached a pitch of perfection unmatched in all of history.

The huxlye theory of human nature had left no place for it; consequently, so far as our ancestors were concerned, it did not exist. In this book, Huxley tackles the historical subject od the possession by the devil of the Urseline nuns in Loudun in the 17th century.

The Devils of Loudun

These, if they ‘take,’ result in a reintegration of broken-down personalities on a somewhat higher level. Don’t skip the epilogue – it has some excellent insights hixley important issues. The thing was insufferable. But the second and one would pf guess the commoner variety takes those who indulge in it to a lower level of subhumanity, evokes the consciousness, and leaves the memory of a complete alienation, than does the first.

Original Sin he defines in terms of the human capacity for evil, Original Virtue, our capacity for good.