Iqbal tried to invoke in the Muslims a collective ego, beyond the ego of the self, that could enable a collection of men as large as 70 million to. Allahabad Address []. Muslim leaders at Allahabad, ` Allama Iqbal defined the Muslims of India as a nation and suggested that there could be no. Allama Iqbal Address on at Allahabad. Importance In his Presidential Address, Allama labal said: ”I would like to see the Punjab.

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In this address, Allama Iqbal gave the lucid explanation of the inner feeling of the Muslims of Oqbal. Brave, shrewd, and determined to suffer for his legitimate aspirations, the Afghan is sure to resent any attempt to deprive him of opportunities of full self-development. India is the greatest Muslim country in the world.

Allahabad Address – Wikipedia

In other words, the scheme appears to be aiming at a kind of understanding between Hindu India and British Imperialism — you perpetuate me in India, and I in return give you a Hindu oligarchy to keep all other Indian communities in perpetual subjection. Iqbal was elected president of the Muslim League in at its session in Allahabadin the United Provinces as well as for the session in Lahore in Indeed it does not go beyond providing means of escape from the situation which the introduction of democracy in India has created for the British, and wholly disregards the communal problem by leaving it where it was.

Rise above sectional interests and private ambitions, and learn to determine the value of your individual and collective action, however directed on material ends, in the light of the ideal which you are supposed to represent. And since 70 millions of Muslims in a single country constitute a far more valuable asset to Islam than all the countries of Muslim Asia put together, we must look at the Indian problem not only from the Muslim point of view, but also from the standpoint of the Indian Muslim as such.

Allahabad Address featured. The Nehru Report, realising [a] Hindu majority in the Central Assembly, reaches a unitary form of government because such an institution secures Hindu dominance throughout India; the Simon Report retains the present British dominance behind the thin veneer of an unreal federation, partly because the British are naturally unwilling to part with the power they have so long wielded and partly because it is possible for them, in the absence of an inter-communal understanding in India, to make out a plausible case for the retention of that power in their own hands.

Analyzing the 1930, Allahabad Address, Allama Iqbal

The Royal Commissioners’ view of federation, though sound in principle, does not seem to aim at responsible government for federal States. The principle of European democracy cannot be applied to India without recognising the fact of communal groups. Allahabad Addresshistoryhistorypakpakistan. Indeed the Afghan is, by instinct, more fitted for democratic institutions than any other people in India.


However, his focus was on primarily Muslims of this region when he dealt with the political or the constitutional issues of India. In order to solve these problems, Allama Iqbal pointed a line of action.

As things are, there is a block on the line of constitutional advance. To my mind a unitary form of zddress is simply unthinkable in a self-governing India. Several Muslim leaders and thinkers having insight into the Muslim-Hindu situation proposed the separation of Muslim India.

One reason is that one nation does not accept the customs and traditions of other nations and consider them lower. The Muslims of India can have no objection to purely territorial electorates if provinces are demarcated so as to secure comparatively homogeneous communities possessing linguistic, racial, cultural and religious unity.

A Jew or a Christian or a Zoroastrian does not pollute the food of a Muslim by touching it, and the law of Islam allows intermarriage with the ‘people of the Book’.

Allahabad Address 1930

He expressed that the northwestern part of the country should be established to unite as a self-governed unit, within or without the British Empire. Next Article Fire and Forget. In that critical condition, Allama Muhammad Iqbal realized that these eccentric problems of the Muslims in North West India needed to be addressed. The Muslim geographer Mas’udi noticed this kinship long ago when he said: It might have been a fact in India if the teaching of Kabir and the Divine Faith of Akbar had seized the imagination of the masses of this country.

Our leading men have done a good deal of political thinking, and their thought has certainly made us, more or less, sensitive to the forces which are now shaping the destinies of peoples in India and outside India. Allahabbad there are many nations in the land, every 11930 is distinguished from the other in their customs, traditions and religion. In their discussion of this problem the Royal Commissioners have marshalled all the deficiencies of India in order to make out a case for Imperial administration of the Army.

Therefore the construction of a polity on national lines, if it means a displacement of the Islamic principle of solidarity, is simply unthinkable to a Muslim. Indeed it is not an exaggeration to say that India is perhaps the only country in the world where Islam, as a people-building force, has worked at its best.

I give my wholehearted support to this view of the matter, and venture to suggest that the redistribution recommended in the Simon Report must fulfill two conditions. The difference in the mind, difference in thoughts and religion furthermore, difference in the customs and tradition make them unable to live together. Moreover, the principle is so broadly conceived that it is almost impossible for a group to become rebellious to the extent of wholly detaching itself from the general body of Islam.

India demands complete organization and unity of will and purpose in the Muslim community, both in your own interest as a community and in the interest of India as a whole [ In Islam God and the universe, spirit and matter, Church and State, are organic to each other. He defined the Muslims of India as a nation and suggested that there could be no possibility of peace in the country unless and until they were recognized as a nation. Allama Mohammad Allamx was one of those intellectuals who had a keen eye on the political scenario of India.


The life of Islam as a cultural force in the country very largely depends on its centralisation in a specified territory.

In the words of the Quran, “Hold fast to yourself; no one who erreth can hurt you, provided you are well guided” 5: This constant contact with the allahsbad of Islam, as it unfolds itself in time, has, Qllahabad think, given me a kind of insight into its significance as a world fact.

Allahabad Address – Dost Pakistan

But, I ask, has this thinking prepared us for the kind of action demanded by the situation which may arise in the near future? Allma do not know what will be the final fate of the national idea in the world of Islam.

Its immediate outcome is the fundamentals of a polity with implicit legal concepts whose civic significance cannot be belittled merely because their origin is revelational. The truth is that Islam is not a Church [ The only practical course is not to assume the existence of a state of things which does not exist, but to recognise facts as they are, and to exploit them to our greatest advantage.

Muslim Indians within India The unity of nations is not only territorial as is believed by European countries. The Right Hon’ble Mr. Events allaahbad to be tending in the direction of some sort of internal harmony. Although Islam is a religion yet it declares the rules and regulations about the different aspects of life.

The Congress’ allana of Hindu Muslim relationship was alpama any perceived rift between the Hindus and Muslims was the product of the British divide and rule policy. True statesmanship cannot ignore facts, however unpleasant they may be. In this background, Iqbal was a thinker who could look beyond the canvas of time, and remind the Muslim how they become a nation, and how being a distinct Muslim nation, it or their prerogative to have a political identity in addition to the social and cultural one.

This means perpetual bondage for India, and makes it all the more necessary that the Frontier Army, as suggested by the Nehru Report, be entrusted to the charge of a committee of defence, the personnel of which may be settled by mutual understanding.

This is true in so far as the area is concerned; in point of population, the State contemplated by the proposal would be much less than some of the present Indian provinces. It was a feasible solution to end the communal riots in India.