AMBER Diceless Role-Playing is a system set in, and designed around Roger Zelazny’s Amber universe. It features a unique (for its time) diceless resolution. Amber – Designed by Erick WujcikBased on Roger Zelazny’s AMBER A Complete new role-playing system! Three complete adventures. Called Amber Diceless Roleplaying, it cast the player characters as the sons and daughters of an immortal, immensely powerful family, who.

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Of course, these things can be changed and adapted when the campaign starts, but at least have a starting point.

The original page game book [3] was published in by Phage Presscovering material from the first five novels the ” Corwin Cycle ” and some details — sorcery ro,e-playing the Logrus — from the remaining five novels the ” Merlin Cycle “in order to allow role-plauing to roleplay characters from the Courts of Chaos.

Amber Diceless Roleplaying (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

Everyone is also related to each other; your worst enemies are probably your aunts, uncles and parents, or maybe it only LOOKS like they’re trying to kill you so that they can secretly help you when your REAL enemy tries to take you out Some Amberzine issues are still available from Phage Press.

Since a player cannot control another player’s bids, and since all bids are non-refundable, the auction involves a considerable amount of strategizing and prioritization by players.

And, because you were rarely working together, that meant something. Views Read Edit View history. Warfare, Endurance, Strength and Psyche. With two or more equally determined players, this can result in a “bidding war” where the attribute is driven up by increments to large sums.

Whoever ended up on the throne was the winner of the game. The Chronicles of Amber. However, since some feel that being the children of the main characters is too limiting, it is fairly common to either start with King Oberon’s death before the book begins and roleplay the Elder Amberites as they vie for the throne; or to populate Amber from scratch with a different set of Elder Amberites.


Conflict resolution [ edit ] Always comes down to comparing one stat against another.

Inhabitants of either pole can use one or both of the Pattern and the Logrus to travel through Shadow. The game is set in the multiverse described in Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber. If you have the higher stat, you will win; maybe not quickly, but eventually.

The Auction simulates a ‘history’ of competition between the descendants of Oberon for player characters who have not had dozens of decades to get to know each other. It will primarily be one or two people talking, diceles others contributing a much lesser amount. Retrieved 19 August Further, a character with a bid-for rank is considered rile-playing have a slight advantage over character with a bought-up rank. No one actually runs the game as described in the book, but it has good GM advice, and the rules are often used as a foundation, to be tinkered with.

The book is page after page about character generation, a chapter about setting, and like ambr sentences on conflict resolution. However, no new edition was released before Guardians of Order went out of business in When I was at university — so many years ago — a game was released based on the works of Roger Zelazny. This is why it’s very important for player characters to make sure they never get into fair fights. And, happily for those unfamiliar with the rolle-playing, the rulebook contains a useful summary of their events, though only as described in the novels because the narrator is not necessarily infallible and most GMs also tinker with the setting to their- look, basically, expect a lot of variety between Amber experiences.

The former option is one presented in the book; the latter is known in the Amber community as an ” Amethyst ” game. This is likely due to three scenes in the Chronicles: In a hotly contested auction, such as for the important attribute of warfare, the most valuable skill is the ability to force one’s opponents to back down. Psyche for telepathy and magic EVERYBODY uses magic and has psionics, so it’s the most important Strength for lifting carrying, and hand-to-hand this is what makes fights deadly, so it’s the most important Endurance for how long you can last and this fuels any other endeavor, so it’s the most important Warfare for any kind of fighting, whether it be swords or guns or army tactics and since this is used when you get into fights, this stat is the most important Yes, I see what I did there, but that’s the way it’s described in the book.


Amber Diceless Roleplaying is considered the granddaddy of diceless RPGs, even if it wasn’t the first, and even if the mechanics were never re-used again.

And it helped promote role-playing because the best allies for your character were the other characters.

Amber Diceless RPG – 1d4chan

This often means that the only individuals who are capable of opposing a character are from his or her family, a fact that leads to much suspicion and intrigue. Some details were changed slightly to allow more player choice — for example, players can be full Trump Artists without having walked the Pattern or the Logrus, which Merlin says is impossible; and players’ psychic abilities are far greater than those shown in the books.

Views Read Edit View history. The expansion, Shadow Knightadds Constructs — artifacts with connections to shadows. In MayRite Publishing secured a license from Diceless by Design to use the rules system with a new setting in the creation of a new product to be written by industry and system veteran Jason Durall.

Amber Diceless RPG

The Chronicles of Amber Fantasy role-playing games Universal role-playing games Role-playing games based on novels American role-playing games Ambwr games introduced in The fact is that role-playing between the player and the Dungeon Master is somewhat limited. Retrieved from ” https: Well, that person over there beat you!

Skip to main content. Unlike conventional auctions, bids are non-refundable; if one player bids 65 for psyche and another wins with a bid of 66, then the character with 66 is “superior” to the character with 65 even though there is only one bid difference.