Action Message Format (AMF) is a binary format used to serialize object graphs such as Adobe Systems published the AMF binary data protocol specification in December and announced that it will support the developer community to . Adobe open-sourced their FDS (Flex Data Services) product today, and along with it published the AMF3 spec (this time without NDA!). FDS. Contribute to perceptron8/amf development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Currently, there are two versions of AMF: If you have a hosted server, they’ll probably have an example in their help files.

AMF3 – MoodleDocs

It probably should use getter and setter methods of Moodle’s API For further discussion, please use the Talk: The aim is to build a library of services that Flash and Flex developers can use to create secure client-side applications that can interact with Moodle.

Keys are encoded as strings with the 0x02 ‘type-definition’ byte being implied not sspec in the message. Each type is denoted by a single byte preceding the actual data. You use the path to create correlation rules for parameters.

For each parameter, LoadComplete displays the following information: Both are publicly documented by Adobe and numerous server-side implementations of AMF exist. This is the way the web server codes protocol version and data types in AMF requests.


The entire procedure is very simple: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use spfc the website is subject to these policies. As I posted some time ago, I finally seemed to have understood the format and xmf3 managed to create a parser to do the deserialization on a J2ME system Just a simple POC.

Adobe Systems published the AMF binary data protocol specification in December [2] [3] and announced that it will support the developer community to make this protocol available for every major server platform. This is a great choice for those clients because it makes the apps snappy. Now is a good time to find out if your server is running the correct PHP version.

You might also want to check out Charleswhich is capable of deserializing AMF requests that are proxied through it, making reverse engineering a bit easier. It is additional logic for NetConnection based communication to a server.

Support for AMF Protocol

May I ask why are you writing your own adapter? It should also work on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Specifics of AMF Support. It was unchanged until the release of Flash Player 9 and ActionScript 3.


Action Message Format – Wikipedia

This means that strings are preceded by a total of three bytes which includes the 0x02 type byte. As someone who has built a library that can parse AMF and make RPC calls RocketAMFI would advise that you use one of the existing libraries rather than write your own if you just need remoting support. The path to the parameter in the parameter tree, starting from the root element.

Christofer Dutz 1, 1 17 For details on how to support IE, check out the source code for censusTest. It’ll really help us alot. Views Page Discussion View source History. This is where amf. This helps you pass information from earlier requests to further requests with ease. AMF3 aims for more compression and one of the ways it achieves this is by avoiding string duplication by saving them into an array against which all new string are checked.

But there was a problem. So I searched a little more and came to a Wikipedia article: Once we have a more definite specification, it will be transferred to here.