Anarcho-Syndicalism has ratings and 47 reviews. Ian said: PreconceptionsApart from the dress sense, I’ve always approached Anarchism with negativ. Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice (Working Classics) [Rudolf Rocker, Noam Chomsky, Mike Davis, Nicolas Walter] on *FREE* shipping. Anarcho-Syndicalism (Pluto Classics) [Rudolf Rocker, Noam Chomsky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rudolf Rockerb’s classic survey.

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In common with the founders of Socialism, Anarchists demand the abolition of economic monopoly in every form and shape and uphold common ownership of the soil and all other means of production, the use of which must be available to all without distinction; for personal and social freedom is conceivable only on the basis of equal economic conditions for everybody.

With the reign of Fascism the whole Italian labour movement disappeared along with the U. Sindikati su bili razjedinjeni i neki od njih su bili kompromitovani i efektivno su radili u interesu vlasti a ne radnika kao danas u Srbiji. Also the general strike of the German workers inwhich was instituted after the so-called Kapp putsch and put an end to a government that had attained power by a military uprising, belongs to this category.

But the impression which the Revolutionary Unionist delegates received in Russia was not calculated to make them regard collaboration with the Communists as either possible or desirable. Even freedom is only a relative, not an absolute concept, since it tends constantly to become broader and affect wider circles in more manifold ways.

That holds good for individuals; it holds good for peoples. Russia found herself in the midst of a social revolution of which no one could see the end.

New worlds are not born in the vacuum of abstract ideas, but in the fight for daily bread in that hard and ceaseless struggle which the needs and worries of the hour demand just to take care of the indispensable requirements of life. For the inner core of these open associations was composed of the secret conspiratory brotherhoods of the militant element among the workers, smaller or larger groups of determined men, bound by an oath to profoundest secrecy and mutual assistance.


The Buzzcocks – “I Believe” http: To just the degree that the latter is authoritarian, artificial and violent, alien and hostile to the natural development of the interests and the instincts of the people, to the same degree must the organization of the International be free, natural and in every respect in accord with those interests and instincts.

The idea of the general strike met with undivided sympathy from the organised English workers.

Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism by Rudolf Rocker

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Other than that, I liked the critique on socialism anarcho-syndicallsm communism by somebody who clearly understood the systems. There will even probably be in every form of a free society of the future different forms of economic co-operation existing side by side, since any social progress must be associated with free experimentation and practical testing out of new methods for which in a free society of free communities there will be every anzrcho-syndicalism.

It can only give the servitude of the toiling masses the stamp of legality. However, these were the very people who had predicted the failure of Communism. Bolshevism has been anarcho-syndidalism and failed. He was the outspoken opponent of all systems, and saw in social evolution the eternal urge to new and higher forms of intellectual and social life, and it was his conviction that this evolution could not be bound by any abstract general anarcho-synsicalism.

Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice

Modern monopoly capitalism and the totalitarian state are merely the last stages in a development which could culminate in no other end. A form of socialism, yes, but a different form. Theory and Practice’ is the classic and essential read for anyone interested in the history and basics of Anarcho-syndicalism.

To just the degree that the latter is authoritarian, artificial and violent, alien and hostile to the natural development and the interests of the people, to that same degree must the International be free, natural and in every respect in accord with these interests and instincts.


This brought on abrupt cessations of production, so-called crises, which were ruinous to the proletarian population of the cities because they condemned the workers to enforced inactivity and so deprived them of the means of living. In most industries they had reverted to the most primitive methods of production. The wider the circles which are inspired with the idea of a reorganisation of society in the spirit of freedom and Socialism, the easier will be the birth pains of the coming social revolution.

In other words, Socialism will be free or it will not be at all.

The art of ruling men has never been the art of educating men and inspiring them to a new shaping of their lives. One of my favorite and related points is his criticism of political revolutions. At its congress in Dusseldorf,the organisation changed its name to Freie Arbeiter-Union Deutschlands.

Though, then again, different flavors of Marxists won’t work with each other, so In the prison, in the cloister, or in the barracks one finds a fairly high degree of economic equality, as all the inmates are provided with the same dwelling, the same food, the same uniform, and the same tasks.

Proceeding from their recognition that the lordship of man over man had had its day, they sought to familiarise themselves with the administration of things.

The combination of the workers was the only means at their command for saving their lives and forcing more human conditions under which to live. The author, Rudolf Rocker, is also probably one of the most qualified individuals to write such a books, having served syndicalist movements for many years through the first half of the twentieth century. A few years before the convening of the so-called Reform Parliament the National Union of the Working Classes was founded, its most important component part being the workers in the textile industries.