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Tribe and Family Kinship was the basis of social structure, and a man was identified by the clan to which he belonged, as can be seen in the names of several Rig Vedic kings. The Board had finalized the courses and prepared a series of textbooks The NCERT is grateful to the members of the Board for sparing their valuable time ungrudgingly m developing the new courses and textbooks m history within the short time that was given to them This textbook dealing with a historical survey of ancient India was prepared by Professor R S Sharma and was first published in The present volume is the first revised edition of the textbook which had been out of stock since early 1 The NCERT is grateful to Professor R.

Further, even with great effort they could not produce more than what they needed for their bare subsistence. Most of them belong to the Kushan period, i.

Some ascribe it to the decreasing fertility on account of the increasing salinity of the soil caused by the expansion of the neighbouring desert Others attribute it to a sudden subsi- dence or uplift of the land which caused floods. The images ofmen inxia also found on some pottery fragments.

It is a r.s.shrma work written in ornate style, which became tfic despair of latei imitatois It describes the early career ol Harshavardhana Although full of exaggerations, it gives qn excellent idea of the courtjifc under Harsha and the social and reli- gious life uj his ago. The Editorial Board is grateful to Professor R.


In addition to these we have Navdatoli situated on the Narmada.

This god has three heads and has horns. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. The earliest Aryans lived in the geographical area covered by eastern Afghanistan, Panjab and fringes of western Uttar Pradesh.

In south-eastern Rajas- than two sites, one at Ahar and the other at Gilund, have been excavated. A fifth city lay at Kalibangan in northern Rajasthan. But some were also incised in the Kharosthi script, which was written from right to left Howevei, the Brahmi script prevailed m the whole country, except for the north-western part Greek and Aramaic scripts were employed in writing Aso- kan inscriptions in Afghanistan Brahmi con- tinued to be the mam script till the end of Gupta times.

They particularly used stone axes, which have been found in laige numbers throughout the greater part of the country,This cutting tool was put to various uses by the people, and in ancient legends Parasurama became an important axe- wielding hero Based on the types of axes used by neolithic settlers, we notice three important areas of neo- lithic settlements. Is two years enough time to prepare for the UPSC? Therefore it would be wrong tij think that priests ruled in Harappa, as they did in the cities of Lower Mesopotamia.

At Harappa were also built two-roomed barracks, which possibly accommodated labourers At Kalibangan also we notice in the south- ern part brick platforms, which may have been used for- granaries.

Must Read (OLD & NEW) NCERTs for IAS Preparation

A sixth called Banwali is situated in Hissar district in Haryana It saw two cultural phases, pre- Harappan and Harappan, similar to that of Kalibangan. C or even later. Khan and Shn Arjun Dev Convener. Altogether the drainage system and the quality of the domestic bath-rooms and drains are remarkable, and the drainage system of Hara- ppa is almost unique Perhaps no other civiliza- tion gave so much attention to health and cleanliness as the Harappan.

Why is their culture called the Bronze Age culture 9 4.


Some try to connect it with the Dravidian or the proto-Dravidian language, others with r.s.shaarma Sanskrit language, and still ihdia with the Sumerian language, but none of these readings is satisfactory. Don’t read much into political history. The process became prominent in the Gupta period in the fourth century A. In the later phase B. Didn’t get the right answer you were looking for Post your question.

Mesopotamian cities show a haphazard growth. Although his post was liei editary, ncwrt have also some traces of election by the tribal assombly called the samiti: The cow seems to have been the most important form of wealth, and whenever we hear of gifts made lo priests it is stated m terms of cows and woman slaves and never in terms of the measurement of land. In eastern India fish hooks have been found in Bihar and West Bengal, where we also find rice. But in the early centuries of the Christian era copper plates began zncient be used for this purpose.

New types of pottery also occur in some Haiappan sites m Baluchistan At several sites in Panjab and Haryana Painted Grey Waie, generally associated with Vodic people, has been found in conjunction with some late Harappan pottery. Latex they used footwheels to turn up pots.

Ancient India RS Sharma NCERT

So also did the tradei s, missionaries and cultuial leadeis, p. However, there is no’ doubt about the Aryan successes, and these came because the Aryans possessed chariots driven by horses, and introduced them ‘for the first time into West Asia and India, The Aryan soldiers ware probably equipped also With coats of mail varmari and better arms. Hand-axes have been found in a deposit of the time of the second Himalayan glaciation. They were used mainly for war and hunting, and also for ornaments.