The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty: A Novel (A Sleeping Beauty Novel) [Anne Rice , A. N. Roquelaure] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty. Identifier TheClaimingOfSleepingBeauty. Identifier-ark ark://t3rv6wz0n. Ocr ABBYY FineReader (Extended OCR ). Before E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey and Sylvia Day’s Bared to You, there was Anne Rice’s New York Times best seller The Claiming of Sleeping.

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View all 32 comments. Blew my eyes wide open. The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales. After stripping her naked he takes her to his kingdom, ruled by his mother Queen Eleanor, where Beauty is trained as a slave and a plaything. This book was definitely a far cry from the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ I remember from childhood.

Nov 27, edge of bubble rated it did beautt like it Shelves: This book is slefping. She gave a soft series of moans that were like kisses to his ear. Anne Rice Writing as A. Jim son of Jim formerly PhotoJim.

I found most of the characters in this book one-dimensional, except for Alexi, who intrigued me from the start. I do love dark erotica and am currently reading one.

REVIEW: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice

I was all for reading a little naughty fairy-tale erotica from an author I liked – but wow. It picks up the Sleeping Th tale from the moment the Prince kisses her and spins eleeping three-book saga of what happens next.

Even the bodies of those other Princes caught in the thorns of the rose vines that covered the walls had not made him believe it. He gasped to see the servants dozing against the walls, their clothing rotted to tatters. Men have always enjoyed all kinds of pornography.


The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty: If you’re looking for a good BDSM fiction, this is it. EX- Excellent – Like new.

Only a small elite knew about the mysterious Story of O. The book ends as Laurent marries Beauty, saying that they shall live happily ever after, or perhaps “a good deal happier” than anyone else could ever guess—hinting that they will continue the pleasure of dominance and submission with each other.

And once again Rice’s fabulous tale of pleasure and pain dares to explore the most primal and well-hidden desires of the human heart. The BDSM life that they lead there is basically a rite of passage for most before they become full noble men and women. I was irritated and coudn’t wait to be done with it, but that wasn’t out of utter disgust.

Thank god they’re short. Aug 31, Birgit rated it did not like it. He drew out his sword, with which he had cut back all the vines outside, and gently slipping the blade between her two breasts, let it rip easily through the old fabric. Jul 03, Annabel Joseph rated it really liked it Shelves: Roquelaure The Prince had all his claming life know the story of Sleeping Beauty, cursed to sleep for a hundred years, with her parents, the King and Queen, and all of the Court, after pricking her finger on a spindle.

She caliming I collected fairy tales and their adaptations. That’s where any relations to the story pretty much end.

People in general are “out of the closet” as enjoyers of erotic books. They cclaiming plump and firm, these breasts. I don’t know whether I’ll pursue it, but I do find the freedom of the pen name attractive. I masturbated to this book probably more frequently than I have for any other book.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by A. N. Roquelaure, Anne Rice | : Books

He could see she was afraid to answer. And he bit at her nipples, moving the breasts almost roughly so as to feel their weight, and then lightly he slapped them back and forth, delighting in this. View all 21 comments. Spanking until your behind is welted and bruised which isn’t spanking but beating, but let’s not split hairs.


Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Anne Rice hands readers a delicious tale. Can’t say that I would recommend it.

This may just not have your personal kinks in it. The sunlight flooded down on her. You know what puts me right off a sexytimes book? The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by A. I am not sure how I feel about this book. I’m not a prude, not real squeamish when it comes to sex, and have no problem with consensual BDSM. He cut the sleeves away, lifting her ever so gently to free the cloth, and the weight of her hair seemed to pull her head down over his arms, and her mouth opened just a little bit wider.

There are no boring parts.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I read this book on a dare. I get how it’s empowering to trust someone else to that extent and to test limits. And some feminists, mainly ultrafeminists, in their quest for egalitarian power, also forgot about it.

Feb 08, Dd rated it did not like it. Then you will truly be mine, and these first if