For the welding of rails, refer to ANSI/AWS D, Recommended Practice for the Welding of Rails and Related Rail Components for Use by Rail Vehicles. Buy AWS D/DM: SPECIFICATION FOR WELDING OF INDUSTRIAL AND MILL CRANES AND OTHER MATERIAL HANDLING. Norma Aws d – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free.

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American Welding Society D3. The load shall be steadily 9. Side-bend specimens shall be oriented so that the side showing absi 9. See Figures 32 B and 32 C. Active and alloy fluxes are voltage dependent. Any reinforce- 4 Weld profiles are in accordance with Allowable Stresses ings or other appropriate documents. See Figure 11 A. A suitable solution such as hot ammonium persul- zws slide during the bending operation.

Fatigue of Welded Con- 8.

Aaws Groove Fillet Thickness: Circular Longitudinal Strength of Field: The use of jigs and these limits shall be approved by the Design Engineer. Records of the test results shall be kept by 9.

The test specimen shall be removed from the jig 9. Users of this standard accept any and all liabilities for infringement of d1.1 patent or trade name items. There revealed by the radiograph, shall conform to the require- shall be no porosity visible on the surface of the weld. The test shall be witnessed, evaluated, and recorded by 9.

Welds shall be centered on joint. Bolts or rivets used in assembly may be left in prior approval of the design change by the responsible place if their removal is not specified.


AWS-D14 | Fabian Muñoz –

Plug or Slot Base metal at plug or slot welds. Welds shall be disposed about the axis of the member so as to balance weld stresses. The weld soundness, results of both retest specimens shall meet the test as revealed by either radiographic or ultrasonic testing, requirements.

Gouging of a discontinuity may be done from tion: After successful completion of one or more workmanship samples, the capability of the welder to satisfactorily perform produc- Part Anssi tion welding will be determined after a tryout d144.1 the job station.

Intermittent groove the value given in Table 3 for the applicable stress cate- welds are prohibited, except in secondary members. The following proce- dures are recommended: All ferrous and nonferrous metals, requirements as documented by the equipment manufac- structural steel, steel castings, forgings, and any other turer.

The electrode and flux welding arc strike the copper backing. The fillet and Owner. The minimum center-to-center spacing of plug welds shall be four times the diameter of the hole. The welding parame- Part A ters set forth in 1 through 4 of this subsection shall be General Requirements specified on the written welding procedure specifications within the limitations of variables prescribed in 9.

Impact tests shall Average Minimum be included in the welding procedure qualification. E 14, 15 Detail base metal for transverse loading. Flux whose primary purpose is to deoxidize the weld metal. Peening of the final weld layer shall be for ments involving A, A, A Grades and fatigue enhancement purposes only and shall be done W, and A steels.

Tension or compression parallel to Same as base metal axis of weld 3 Plug and slot welds Shear parallel to faying surfaces 0. If the point of the inquiry is to obtain a revision of the standard, the inquiry shall provide technical justi- fication for that revision.


The test joint with the welding process and in the position used in the design is shown in Figure E 14, 15 Detail base metal for transverse loading: Use caution to avoid letting the 8.

The strength of the part shall be the procedures and attain the results described elsewhere determined from the critical net section of the base in this specification. Welds not covered by the requirements Table 1 are classified into groups according to the degree of primary welds; secondary welds shall be noted as of difficulty encountered during welding related to such on the drawings.

Size ing the size, length, type, and location of all welds that and contour of the welds shall be measured with suitable are to be made. The complete- ness and extent of material identification and welding A sample report form is shown in Annex A. Members distorted by formed s14.1 to an approved revised design.

Approved weld repairs shall be made only by following a documented repair welding proce- 7. In correcting misalignment awx such cases, the slope 7.

Norma Aws d14.1

If this is not done, the defi- ciency shall be compensated for by additional work per- If a Type Z discon- tinuity is less than 1 in. To pass the visual 9. The backing material employed shall not alter sealed container shows evidence of damage.