In defying the tyrant Creon and going to her death, Antigone conveyed to Anouilh’s compatriots a covert message of heroic resistance; but the author’s. Antigone. [Jean Anouilh; Barbara Bray; Ted Freeman] — Antigone was originally produced Publisher: London ; New York: Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, Student Editions: Antigone by Ted Freeman and Jean Anouilh (, Paperback, New . Antigone (Methuen Drama, Methuen Student Edition) by Jean Anouilh.

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Love the writing, love the plot, love the characters, even when I hate them.

Luckily for me I got the audiobook as when I turned to the print edition I had checked out from the library, it turned out to be in French!! Creon is not the hubristic, tyrannical King of antigonej.ean, he is a man forced to perform a difficult task Anouilh has created a fascinating meethuen of Antigone, but not one that I prefer to Sophocles’. Instead of fighting to bury her brother because it is the right and just thing to do according to the eternal and unwritten rules of the gods, she is merely making a point, overwhelmed by youthful emotion, and one which in the final moments, she regrets.


After all, Polynice is also the son of Oedipus. You with your promise of a humdrum happiness–provided a person doesn’t ask much of life. Interesting version of the classic play by Sophocles, still I prefer the original. The impasse isn’t going to go away without the Balm of Time. Anouilh found a way to relate what he was feeling with a play that he’d always known and loved.

I’m giving the play 4 stars.

I want it total, complete: In Very intense and affecting dialogues. Commentary and notes by Ted Freeman.

Antigone : a tragedy / by Jean Anouilh ; translated by Lewis Galantiè€re – Details – Trove

You may also like. In the commentary, it is mentioned that some critics interpret the metheun as apologist for the Vichy regime in Nazi-occupied France by reading pragmatism and circumspection into the character of Creon. Deluxe Edition Paperback Books. Harry Potter Years by J.

Student Editions: Antigone by Ted Freeman and Jean Anouilh (2009, Paperback, New Edition)

Or, a sudden, earth-shaking shock. I am all of a sudden fascinated with theater during the occupation of France thanks Cathy! Antigone by Jean Anouilh.

metuhen Why was it so important for her to resist Creon over a small thing like a burial? Jean Anouilh ‘s Antigone isn’t a paragon of virtue.

I think that was because I had identified with Anouillh’s Antigone much more when I was very young and very self-righteous. In addition to these important factors, we should remember that Antigone was written and produced during the Occupation.


The Germans allowed the play to be performed presumably because they found Creon’s arguments for dictatorship so convincing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

It was an interesting experience! Till we can Face the Face of God Of course I’m worried, what do you think? Refresh and try again. For Creon, it is simple. The war is over and Creon is triumphant.

Death, Jealousy, Sexuality, War Dimensions: Creon is a more antigone.jean character; he seems more reasonable, more caring and less stubborn than the one in either the Sophocles or Heaney versions.

There are accepted fables, that this is an anti-occupation play — a play that was written slyly enough that it got past the German censors even though it had an anti-occupation message.