Taxonavigation[edit]. Cocoons of Apanteles sp. next to a perforated Papilio demoleus caterpillar Genus: Apanteles Subgenera: Choeras –. PERFORMANCE OF APANTELES SP. (HYMENOPTERA: BRACONIDAE) ON TWO AMARANTH LEAF WEBBERS: SPOLADEA RECURVALIS. 37e); tarsal claws with one basal spine-like seta, Apanteles alejandromasisi Fernández-Triana, sp. n. 8(6), T1 mostly white except for small black spot posteriorly.

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It is possible that Apanteles sanctivincenti is yet another name for that same species, meaning that three different names in three different genera were applied to the same species by the same author in the same paper! This group comprises 14 species apantelew is defined by the hypopygium either unfolded or with a relatively wide and translucid fold with none or very few pleats only in the outermost area of fold.

Austin and Dangerfield revised this species and provided additional photos and details. Apaanteles length more than 4. Tarsal claws pectinate, or cleft with a basal spine [Hosts: Among Hymenoptera, Apanteeles Braconidae is the most diverse and apaanteles encountered parasitoid subfamily, with many hundreds of species delineated to date, almost all undescribed. Key to species of the guadaluperodriguezae group 1 T1 at least 4.

The outcome is a mosaic of all imaginable ages and kinds of secondary succession intermingled with tiny to medium-sized fragments of approximations of intact forest more intact in upper elevations than loweras well as severe blurring and elimination of interdigitated boundaries between habitats and ecosystems Janzen – Ovipositor sheaths about 0.

Pro- and mesocoxae dark brown, metacoxa black; flagellomerus 2 2. HesperiidaeTimochreon satyrusAnisochoria polysticta ]. Dolichogenideadescribed by Viereckis perhaps the closest genus to Apanteles sensu strictoand also the most controversial and difficult to separate from Apanteles.


A total of 30 diagnostic characters in the barcoding region: T1 almost completely smooth and polished, at most with few punctures near posterior margin Fig.

Author gbohne from Berlin, Germany.

The known hosts only for Apanteles coffeellae include members of the Lepidoptera families Gracillariidae and Lyonetiidaebut no hosts are known for the other species. Thus we consider here Apanteles albinervican Shenefelt, an invalid replacement name for Apanteles albinervis Cameron, and reinstate the latter name.


The unique hypopygium, ovipositor sheaths, and ovipositor, suggest that this species may be placed in a new genus when there are more studies on the phylogeny of Microgastrinae. It is characterized by its small size body length 1.

As in female, with slender mediotergite 1. Crambidae borers, Diatraea spp. Head with gena partially white Figs a, d.

Apanteles – Wikispecies

Metacoxa tends to have an anterodorsal brown spot, otherwise similar to female. Taxonomic studies of ACG Microgastrinae have been published elsewhere e.

All trochantelli and part of profemur basal 0. Telemiades fides one single rearing record from Phocides lilea. While its generic position is still unclear, the presence of a convex, straight vannal lobe, uniformly fringed by setae similar to that of Dolichogenidea is the main feature that distinguishes this genus from Apanteles. It will not be surprising if some of their names are found to encompass complexes of species.

Apantelds situation is mainly due to the fact that only the ACG fauna has been comprehensively studied.

Key to species of the coffeellae group 1 T1 smooth and more than 4. However, this group should be considered as preliminary and further study may change its status in so future.


Even if the parasitoid has already emerged from the cocoon, its remnants provide evidence of a successful attack. Nearly all of the ACG lowlands have been subjected to four centuries of light to intense cultivation, logging, burning, hunting, ranching, and other forms of habitat destruction, followed by explicit protection and restoration beginning in and intensifying after Apantelrs, T1 parallel-sided for 0.

These groups may be clades that diverged early in the evolution of braconids. Microsoft Word file doc. It is contained within a white fuzzy cocoon. They differ from the latter group in having meditergite 2 much less transverse, its width at posterior margin usually 2. Mun Ent Zool 8 1 HesperiidaeUrbanus dorantes. All groups are new, except for two Apanteles ater and Apanteles diatraeae previously created and used by several authors e.

We have examined thousands of specimens from the world fauna of Microgastrinaeand have found that the only reliable character is the number and density of setae fringing on the median portion of the vannal lobe. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Ovipositor at most 0. All sequences downloaded were over bp long and the final aligned dataset apanteled characters of which were parsimony informative.