1 APPA N/N DIGITAL MULTIMETER INSTRUCTION MANUAL 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. SAFETY 1 2. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 2 3. PANELS . APPA N, N Conversion Type: (AC + DC) True RMS reading on AIR CONDITIONING mode. ACV subsp. + % + 8 d. Input Impedance: 10 m?// pF. Centenary Materials — We offer quality service and products: APPAN APPA APPA_Series Digit Multimeters.

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V3 Thank you for purchasing a Sealey product. Limit large current measurements 10 to 20A to 30 seconds and allow two minutes of cooling between measurements.

APPA APPA 桌上型專業數字電錶

Precautions and safety information Specifications Performance test procedure Calibration. Goods from other countries Low voltage resistance indicator. Compare Trisco DA Automobile multimeters with the induction sensor for petrol engines of a series In stock.

Clear memory area for store. The field is wrongly filled. For further cleaning, use a soft cloth or paper towel dampened with water. Part No Part No. Equipped with High Energy Fuse. To avoid potential hazards, use the product only as specified. The message must not be more than symbols.

The meter turns aappa off within 30 minutes if no controls or settings are changed. Information in this More information. Scrolls up data of function selected: Don’t have an account?


Sell Digital Multimeter APPA 106

LCD display with dual numeric readout. Assemble the top case and PCB of meter. The following list provides a comparison of the features between meters. Large rotational folded LCD display 1.

Follow step 1 to step 4 described in Battery Replacement. By submitting a question, you confirm your agreement with user agreement. Compliance was demonstarted to the following specifications as listed apps the official Journal of the European Communites: Remove all power from the circuit before connecting the test leads.

Your question has been sent successfully. Compare Specialized automatic titration Kit Titrion for scientific work In stock. To get the best. Disconnect the test leads from any circuit under test and turn off meter. Maximum, Minimum and Average indicators. Functions with count mode divide the [ number of least digits ] by 10 when on count mode, in addition DCV to add 2 more digits on every ranges.

Read, understand and follow Safety Rules and Operating Instructions in this manual before 107j this product. Precautions and safety information Specifications Basic maintenance. Press Range key again to escape: Scrolls down data of function selected.


Handheld Digital Multimeters Model: Product Description The meters provide many functions and features, Depending on your meter type, each type of meter has own features described in this manual.

Separate the top case and PCB of meter. Distribution level mains, fixed installation.

Multimeters Kazakhstan

Buzzer beeps once for every key-press. One pair of red and black test leads One pair of Use care to Avoid scratching the clear plastic display filter. Compliance was demonstarted to the following specifications as listed in the official Journal EC Declaration of the European Communites: Safety Information W To avoid damage to the meter, electric shock or injury: RANGE function is only enable in just data log mode.

Any instrument More information. Safety notes These meters have been produced to comply with category II requirements More information. One pair of red and black test leads One pair of 19 More information. Delivery from countries Russia True RMS mode indicator. Sppa the plastic screws on the battery cover.