Arab-Israeli Air Wars by Shlomo Aloni, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. About Arab-Israeli Air Wars – When the UN called for the end of the British mandate and the partition of Palestine into two independent states, the RAF. Israel’s War of Independence against its Arab neighbours, the inevitable ’round two’, the Suez Crisis of , the Six Day War of , the Yom Kippur wars of.

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1948 Arab–Israeli War

Although lacking fighter or bomber aircraft, in the first few days of the war, Israel’s embryonic air force still attacked Arab targets, with arab-israe,i aircraft being utilized as arab-ixraeli bombers, striking Arab encampments and columns. Arab-isrweli Palestinian Arab society was shaken. He proposed that the Iraqis attack the Jezreel valley and the Arab Legion enter Ramallah and Nablus and link with the Egyptian army at Hebron, [] which was more in compliance with his political objective to occupy the territory allocated to the Arab State by the partition plan and promises not to invade the territory allocated to the Jewish State by the partition plan.

Arab-Israeli Air Wars Had the Egyptians wished to continue their advance northward, towards Tel Avivthere would have been no Israeli force to block them.

Following the air attack, Israeli forces constantly bombarded Egyptian forces in Isdud with Napoleonchik cannons, and IDF patrols engaged in small-scale harassment of Egyptian lines. Transjordan took control of the remainder of the former British mandate, which it annexedand the Egyptian military took control of the Gaza Strip.

The Arabs did not accept the Plan, while the Jews were determined to oppose the internationalization of the city, and secure it as part of the Jewish state. The Alexandroni Brigade then stopped the Iraqi advance and retook Geulim.

Arab-Israeli Air Wars – Shlomo Aloni: Osprey Publishing

Nuri as-Saidthe strongman arab-isfaeli Iraq, had ambitions for bringing the entire Fertile Crescent under Iraqi leadership. After the first truce: In the three years following the war, aboutJews immigrated to Israel, with many of them having been expelled from their previous countries of residence in the Middle East. Taking all the issues into account, Bernadotte presented a new partition plan. Arab-isreali of Latrun The Irgun, whose activities were considered by MI5 to be terrorism, was monitored by the British.


In —47, Abdullah said that he had no intention to “resist or impede the partition of Palestine and creation of a Jewish state. The First IsraelisOwl Books,p.

Retrieved 22 February Two were discovered inside Egypt, while Tattersfield’s Tempest was found north of Nirimfour miles inside Israel. By 10 May, when the SA suffered its first combat loss, there were three flying units, an air staff, maintenance facilities and logistics support. Yishuv forces were organised in 9 brigades, and their numbers grew following Israeli independence, eventually expanding to 12 brigades. Documents on Israeli Soviet Relations, — Israel’s W When the UN called for waars end of the British mandate and the partition of Palestine into two independent states, the RAF found itself under attack from both sides.

During the first truce, the Iraqis increased their force to about 10, Now the reader will actually learn who these men were!

Write a customer review. After meeting with armed resistance, the army was ordered by Ben-Gurion to sink the ship. However, it was delayed by David Shaltielpossibly because he did not trust their ability after their failure to capture Deir Yassin without Haganah assistance.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. In Octobera submarine chaser was purchased from the United States. The IDF entered and secured the territory, but did not meet significant resistance along the way, as the area was already designated to be part of the Jewish state in the UN Partition Plan, and the operation meant to establish Israeli sovereignty over the territory rather than actually conquer it.

After the truce was in place, Bernadotte began to address the issue of achieving a political settlement. Killings and massacres during the Palestine war. Retrieved 14 July The Jordanians spotted the activity and attempted to shell the road, but were ineffective, as it could not be seen.

All Jewish aviation assets were placed under the control of the Sherut Avir Air Service, known as the SA in November and flying operations waes in the following month from a small civil airport on the outskirts of Tel Aviv called Sde Dovwith the first ground support operation in an RWD [] taking place on 17 December.


The Israelis attempted to take the Latrun fortress arab-isralei a series of battles lasting from 24 Wags to 18 July. In the s, these were transformed into transition camps “Ma’abarot”where living conditions were improved and tents were replaced with tin dwellings.

Ben-Gurion invested Yigael Yadin with the responsibility to come up with a plan of offense whose timing was related to the foreseeable evacuation of British forces. Unlike the situation in the immigrant camps, when the Jewish Agency provided for immigrants, residents of the transition camps were required to provide for themselves.

Schwimmer’s operation also included recruiting and training fighter pilots such as Lou Lenartcommander of the first Israeli air assault against the Arabs.

The destruction of the synagogue shook Jewish morale. Rogan and Avi Shlaim. Following rumours that King Abdullah was re-opening the bilateral negotiations with Israel that he had previously conducted in secret with the Jewish Agency, the Arab League, led by Egypt, decided to set up the All-Palestine Government in Gaza on 8 September under the nominal leadership of the Mufti. Encyclopedia of the Palestinians, Infobase Publishing.

In addition, Lebanon decided not to take part dars the war at the last minute, due to the still-influential Christians’ opposition and due to Jewish bribes. The neighbouring Arab states pressured Abdullah into joining them in an “all-Arab military invasion” against the newly created State of Israel, that he used to restore his prestige in the Arab world, which had grown suspicious of his relatively good relationship with Western and Jewish leaders.

Account Options Sign in. It was time to send the troops home and start work on building the arabb-israeli nation. Archived from the original on 9 January In Western Europe, Haganah agents amassed fifty 65mm French mountain guns, twelve mm mortars, ten H light tanks, and a large number of half-tracks.

The warships were manned by former merchant seamen, former crewmembers of Aliyah Bet ships, Israelis who had served in the Royal Navy during World War II, and foreign volunteers.