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From April 18 th to April 22 ndthe Botanical Garden of Iasi organizes a series of educative events, presentations and themed trips dedicated especially to pupils within the program Informal School: The written information offers to those who are interested the opportunity to widen their botanical and horticultural knowledge.

Within the exhibition, a great variety of fruits and seeds, and also many decorative pascanj of cabbages, peppers, squashes and pumpkins will be presented.

A murit pianistul şi compozitorul de jazz MARIUS POPP (21 sept 1935 – 8 nov 2016)

Photo gallery In Honorem — PhD. On this occasion, 4 new greenhouse compartments will be open for visitors, where collections of tropical plants, cacti and succulents will be exhibited.

Symbols of abundance, prosperity and good fortune, the fruits and seeds are everywhere valued as sources of energy that ensured their fulfillment. The species of chrysanthemum and especially the indigenous and exotic varieties and cultivars, more or less known are presented in thousands of specimens, both within the external pascank and greenhouses.

The band broke up inafter seeing Something Magic stall at No. In the last few years a great deal of attention was given to the Solanum genus collection, decorative through their leaves and fruits: Considered admonie be the most beautiful flowers of the winter, the azaleas attract by their flowers of various colours red, coral, lilac, violet, pink, carmin, white.

The azaleas are originary from far Orient China, Japan, Koreea. Most of the cultivated species and varieties belong to Camellia and Rhododendron genera which are native to Asia where are used mainly in ornamental purposes.


There will also be presented information regarding the traditional Asian cultivation techniques for chrysanthemum and their introduction in Europe and America.

The ticket price armoniie 5 lei. The poster of the exhibition Photo gallery. Because these species require specific growth conditions the temperature and humidity levels are permanently monitored as well as the pH of the soil. The other zoo-forms, characteristic to the biogeographical areas of origin for different species of exotic plants were made of flowers, fruits, seeds, dried plant remains or various wood essences.

The autumnal aspect is completed by numerous decorative specimens of ornamental cabbage Brassica2 varieties, 31 hybridsornamental chili peppers Capsicum37 varieties and pumpkins and melons Cucurbitavarieties. For this exhibition 2 new compartments of the Greenhouse Complex were set accordingly for the cultivation of species from this scientific collection.

On anniversary, these flowers will suggest by symbols all the fifteen Faculty of our University, being the sign of gratitude for all those who helped with the mind, heart and actions to strengthen this edifice of science and culture.

SistemIS members will hold several presentations in order to emphasize the importance of protecting the European ground squirrel. In this year’s edition also the collections from genera ChrysanthemumCucurbitaLagenariaCucumisEchinocystisBrassicaCapsicum and Solanum are valued through the chromatics and unusual forms of culture practiced only in the Botanical Garden of Iasi. The exhibition, a real exotic oasis, groups species and cultivars of decorative plants: The actual edition of the exhibition “Autumn Flowers” is an invitation to discover the glamour of the noble arts, pascqnu their aesthetics being integrated stories and symbols with and about the chrysanthemums.

The exhibits impress by their various culture forms and intensely colored inflorescences and are arranged according to scientific and alexwndru criteria. The official opening will take place on 23rd October at The volunteers have free access.

psychedelic | Plăcile lui Emil

Kiril Vassilev will present interesting aspects on the Romanian Grassland Database RGD as its historical background, current status and future perspectives. Their third album, A Salty Dogwas popular among fans and their first album to sell well in the UK. Pasccanu price of an entrance ticket is 5 lei while for the organized groups is 3 lei.


The price for alexamdru ticket is 5 ron and for arminie groups is 3 ron. The edition of this year is paacanu celebrate a century and a half from the founding of the University of Iasi. Also, the visitors could admire a various range of artistic floral arrangements with azaleas, camellias, orchids, fresias, flamingo flowers, peace lily and winter lily.

For the first time the Ghost variety will be presented with a heat index of over SHU, considered to be dangerously hot. Under the name Journey of fruits and seeds within the exhibition are presented specimens of cultivated species from the Botanical Garden along with interesting information regarding mechanisms of self-dispersal but also adaptations that enable their dissemination via wind, water, animals and men.

Photographing is free of charge.

Armonia-Alexandru-Pascanu-Volumulpdf – PDF Free Download

Taking pictures is allowed for free. By their first compilation album In Concert was released but only in Germany.

In the specific climatic conditions of the Botanical Garden these species blossom from December until March. Some specimens are over 40 years old and have over 1.

In this edition, among the plant specimens, there will be highlighted certain animals with symbolic value, realized with great imagination by the staff of the botanical garden, in a form of reinterpreted topiary art. Among the floral arrangements the crane will be emphasized, a bird considered a figurative image which gives life to paper in origami art. Warm and strong colors of the petals of azaleas and camellias accompany many tropical and subtropical plant species, which transmit messages understood only by those who really appreciate nature.

The exhibition is open daily from 9. The alexancru rd edition of “Autumn Flowers” exhibition took place between 18 th october and 8 th november