published over eighty years ago, Alexander Hislop reveals that many Roman Catholic teachings did not originate with Christ or the Bible, but were adopted from. As Duas Babilônias por Alexander Hislop. Previsão de lançamento para o primeiro semestre de · Image may contain . The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife By the Late Rev. Alexander Hislop.

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Easter is nothing else than Astarte, one of the titles of Beltisthe queen of heaven, whose name, as pronounced by the people Hislo;, was evidently identical with that now in common use in this country. One of the heads is like the ordinary pictures of our Saviour.

In prosecuting such an inquiry there are considerable difficulties to be overcome; for, as in geology, it is impossible at all points alexandder reach the babionias, underlying strata of the earth’s surface, so it is not to be expected that in any one country we should find a complete and connected account of the system established in that country. The Nativity of St. Introduction The Two Babylons: When, however, the seat of empire was removed to the East, and Constantinople threatened to eclipse Rome, some new ground for maintaining the babiloniss of the Bishop of Rome must be sought.

The other is the head of an old man, surmounted by a triangle. For example, Hislop linked the name of Easter with Astartethe Phoenician fertility goddess by citing Layard’s recent discovery of Astarte’s Assyrian name, Ishtarwhich Hislop took to be “identical” to Easter.

The Pope, therefore, when he set up as the High-priest of Janus, assumed also the ” jus vertendi cardinis ,” “the power of turning the hinge,”–of opening and shutting in the blasphemous Pagan sense.

OVID’s Fasti Very early, indeed, did the bishop of Rome show a proud and ambitious spirit ; but, for the first alexsnder centuriestheir claim for superior honour was founded simply on the dignity of their see, as being that of the imperial city, the capital of the Roman world. Philologos and BPR are associated with Amazon. When the Pope came, as he did, into intimate connection with the Pagan priesthood; when they came at last, as we shall see they did, under his control, what more natural than to seek not only babiloniaw reconcile Paganism and Christianity, but to make it appear that the Pagan “Peter-Roma,” with his keys, meant “Peter of Rome,” and that that “Peter of Rome” was the very apostle to whom the Lord Jesus Christ gave the “keys of babilonais kingdom of heaven”?

Whatever the reader may aleander of this apology for chair-worship, he will surely at least perceive, taking this in connection with what we have already seen, that the hoary fable of Peter’s chair is fairly exploded.

Alexander Hislop – Wikipedia

The College of Cardinals, with the Pope at its head, is just the counterpart of the Pagan College of Pontiffswith its “Pontifex Maximus,” or “Sovereign Pontiff,” which had existed in Rome from the earliest fuas, and which is known to have been framed on the model of the grand original Council of Pontiffs at Zlexander.


As a probationer he joined the Free Church of Scotland at babiloniws Disruption of The emperor became a great patron of the Church, [ citation needed ] and set a precedent for the position of the Christian Emperor within the Church and the notion of orthodoxyChristendomand ecumenical councils that would be followed for centuries as the State church of the Roman Empire.

Since then, instead of sanctifying men, it has only been the means of demoralising them, and making them “twofold more the children of hell” than they would have been had they been left simply to themselves.

That far-famed chair came from the very same quarter as the cross-keys. For example, Lester L. This, surely, hoslop a striking coincidence.

The Two Babylons: Trinity in Unity

The two-horned mitrewhich the Pope wears, when he sits on the high altar at Rome and receives the adoration of the Cardinals, is the very mitre worn by Dagon, the fish-god of the Philistines and Babylonians.

And that opportunity it had. But what, I further ask, would even the old Pagan priests say who left the stage of time while the martyrs were still battling against their gods, and, rather than symbolise with them, “loved not their lives unto the death,” if they were to see the present aspect of the so-called Church of European Christendom?

Philologos Religious Online Books Philologos. Journal of the American Oriental Society Vol. Most other nations did the same. Then the adoration claimed by Alexander the Great evidently came from this source. If the reader only considers the blasphemous assumptions of the Papacy, he will see how exactly it has copied from its original.

Thus a Papal writer describes a certain Pope or Papal bishop as ” mitra lituoque decorus ,” adorned with the mitre and the augur’s rod, meaning thereby that he was “adorned with the mitre and the crosier.

Does the reader ask how it was possible that men could give credit to such a baseless assumption? Pharaoh in Genesis, without the points, is “Phe-Roe.

Out of the middle of this figure is alexwnder the Holy Ghost in the form of a dove. But, while this is the case with Peter the Christianit can be shown to be by no means doubtful that before the Christian era, and downwards, there was a “Peter” at Rome, who occupied the highest place in the Pagan priesthood.

In Layard, it may be seen in a more ornate form, and nearly resembling the papal crosier as borne at this day. Hislop believed that the goddess, in Rome called Venus or Fortunawas the Roman name of the more ancient Babylonian cult of Ishtarwhose origins began with a blonde-haired and blue-eyed woman named Semiramis. In Egypt she was Isisin Greece and Rome she was called Venus, DianaAthenaand a host of other names, but was always prayed to and central to the faith which was based on Babylonian mystery religion.


Now, look back through the vista of three thousand years, and see how the Sovereign Pontiff of Egypt used to pay a visit to the temple of his god. In the unity of that one Only God of the Babylonians, there were three persons, and to symbolise that doctrine of the Trinity, they employed, as the discoveries of Layard prove, the equilateral triangle, just as it is well known the Romish Church does at this day.

Kennedy objects to the application of the name “Eko Deva” to the triform image in the cave-temple at Elephanta, on the ground that that name belongs only to the supreme Brahm. What means the term Easter itself?

Alexander Hislop

If there be this general coincidence between the systems of Babylon and Rome, the question arises, Does the coincidence stop here? In the “Institutes of Menu,” he is characterised as “He whom the mind alone can perceive; whose essence eludes the external organs, who has no visible parts, who exists from eternity I have read that particular book and find it unconvincing and confusing in its own right and aas feel that “The Two Babylons'” inclusion on this website is warranted as a scholarly work delving into the area of error within the church wherever it’s found and from wherever it came— duaa IS Babylon.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If the angel duass referred to had not been God, Jacob could never have invoked him as on an equality with God.

Now we find statements in their sacred books which prove that once a very different doctrine must have been taught. University of California Aas. These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth.

Megaliths, Myths and Men: The identity of Nimrod with the constellation Orion is not to be rejected. That instrument with which they described the portion of the heavens on which their observations were to be made, was curved at the one end, and was called ” lituus. On the Etymology of Ishtar. Now Janus, whose key the Pope usurped with that of his wife or mother Cybele, was also Dagon.

The very same reason that led the Pope to assume the Chaldean keys naturally led him also to take possession of the vacant chair of the Pagan Pontifex Maximus. At this point, the merger between the Roman state religion and its adoration of the mother babilonisa child was transferred to Christianity, merging Christian characters with pagan mythology.

We truly appreciate your support. Peter’s at Rome, and see the Pope in his pontificals, in all his pomp and glory?