The Assimil line of home-study courses is highly-regarded and, you’re in luck, they have a course in Hungarian from an English base!. Assimil Hungarian With Ease – CDs. In Depth: With the benefit of an unparalleled 2, words in the average Assimil method, and with an even greater number. I started Assimil (Hungarian with Ease I think?) during Pimsleur and am continuing with it now that I’ve finished the 30 Pimsleur lessons. I really.

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I’d probably only be about a month into it when you got there, so unless you want to have extensive conversations about what my name is, and where I come from, and potentially what my hobby is, we’ll need a lot of sign language.

I remembered one day one of my Hungarian friends trying to explain to me why Hungarians have 3 words for “Dawn” depending on the light and so on P Jo tanulast mindenkinek! Some words also have changes that are even very difficult to understand in their meaning for a non-Hungarian There’s a chance I may move to Czech in September.

Hungarian – Language Forum @ LingQ

But I’ll be commuting into Prague once or twice a week for a teaching course that I want to take. For example, they have only 3 major tenses. You could do a translation of “who is she? I agree that it’s too complicated to be a Beginner 1 series, but it has the advantage of being xssimil in all the supported languages.


Assimil is probably a good idea. Goodreads also has some reviews of it zssimil https: It’s a unique and fascinating language from a linguistic perspective.

I studied using the Assimil. Later I just started reading Hungarian books and newspaper. They didn’t take up an offer last year from someone who said he would write ancient Greek lessons for LingQ.

Assimil Hungarian With Ease

I don’t think Hungarian sounds ugly at all. The authors wrote 2 books bilingual Hungarian-English you can easily find in Budapest, where there is a bookshop on every street corner!

However, I would start from “Greetings and goodbyes” and “Eating Out”. What strikes me is the “sh” sound. Assimmil here use a method that was successful for them? Steve, if I move to Czech, I’ll most likely be living in a small city about 1.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: I’m very happy when people want or try to learn my language.

Very different from Indo-European languages, with interesting rythmes. If so, do you have any favourite or recommended resources? I realized I tried to memorize too much vocabulary and didn’t structure enough my speech.

Please tell me the raw truth! After 3 years, I read very well and can aprticipate in normal conversations. I don’t personally find Hungarian ugly at all. Here is hungaria survey: IMO, for languages like Hungarian the ability to use words and expressions to coordinate sentences is eve, more important than in other idioms since there is no proper order of words. Vowel harmony is not difficult at all, just one thing to do that if it is a -a, -o, -u you have one type of endings and in the other case the other.


I have no idea with the Hungarian.

Assimil Hungarian

Many have accompanying sound recordings, and hunagrian a few of them show up translated into other languages on the site for help understanding them. Thank you for sharing! It’s one of the textbooks listed in the language profile that Assimio cited. Last edited by Speakeasy on Sun Dec 17, 1: I haven’t done more than a cursory glance through them. If I were at all interested in learning Hungarian, I would snap up a copy of this course while supplies last!

Two things are difficult in Hungarian: I realized it was way easier for me to learn other languages since I got into Hungarian.

The structures are so particular that Russian grammar seems easy to me afterwards: