For a week I have a Citizen ATE (Eco-Drive / Radio controlled), bought on Ebay in. Manual or with automatic (2 am) update gives the same problem. Citizen ATE Watches Watches download pdf instruction manual and user guide. For a week I have a Citizen ATE (Eco-Drive / Radio controlled), Manual or with automatic (2 am) update gives the same problem.

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Every time after time is updated via the radio signalthe time 1 or 2 hours behind. Therefore although the watch receives the signal from Frankfurt it shows only the British time and not CET. It will pick it up, just make sure you leave the watch by a wind with good view of manusl sky overnight, it can taken several nights for it to pick it up, this I found out with my Radio controlled G At4008.

citizen-eate-watch-setting |

Make sure your watch is not near any of these noisemakers when you’re trying to sync. Rotate the crown clockwise or counterclockwise until the mode hand 6: The second hand will rotate to the current month of year and leap year position set in memory. Awhile ago my neighbor had a defective laptop power adapter that put so much RFI on the grid that none of my watches would sync in their normal location, and even strong AM stations were covered with noise.


Press and release the lower right button A to advance the minutes in 15 minute increments. If so and the wrong city is selected the watch will tell you fibs. The minute and hour hands will move slightly indicating they are active for setting.

Citizen Radio controlled 12 hours off? When you reach Point 8. That is, I send a manual radio synchronization request signal from the watch, after a few minutes the watch reports back that it received a successful response but with medium or low signal strength but still doesn’t update the time to the correct time in my timezone. October 5th, 6. Help Forgot your password? Manual or with automatic 2 am update gives the same problem Signal strength is high, battery is full.

Perpetual Chrono A-T

Please share your blessings October 5th, 3. I did leave it overnight last night. From this moment onwards your watch will ‘believe’ it is indicating the London time while because you have offset the hours hand by one hour it will show CET. April 6th, August 2nd, October 5th, 2. The second hand will rotate to the Time not automatically updating??? Rotate the crown clockwise to set the current month of year and leap year as outlined amnual the graphic below: There is however a very well known and proven trick that settles the matter to your complete satisfaction.

By Tom in forum Seiko.


August 12th, 7. Help Forgot your password?

Citizen ATE ( Radio controlled ) 1 or 2 hours behind after time update

Radio updating can take up to 15 minutes to complete. Hi Bart and welcome to the forum. Otherwise, the time displayed will not be correct for all at44008. There is only one problem.

Citizen ATE Radio controlled 1 or 2 hours behind after time update Bart, I don’t know the model at all manjal I may be way off base but is it one where you have to set your home city? Failing that try the windowsill method.

Rotate the crown to move the minute, hour and hour hands until they point straight up Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. October 5th, 9.

The multifunction hand 2: June 19th, I have never successfully manualy synced a Casio or a Citizen. February 14th, May 25th, Check the manual to find out which portion of the dial is near the antenna. October 5th, 5.

Probably it’s just weak signal strength, which varies from day mqnual day, but it’s also possible that there is too much electrical noise RFI in the location where you’re trying to sync the watch. This completes setting the time and calendar.