Buy Atago POLAX-2L Semiautomatic Polarimeter and more from our comprehensive selection of Atago Semiautomatic Polarimeter. ATAGO. Manual polarimeter Polax-2L. POLARIMETER POLAX-2L Polarimeter which is known as an optical rotation meter is an instrument to measure optical. Learn more about Polax-2L Semi-Automatic Polarimeter, ATAGO®. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people .

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Data on prospects or customers: This model of polarimeter is widely used in sugar refineries, university research, flavors, fragrances, essential oils, identification and characterization of chemicals, and measuring sugar concentration and purity in food products.

Atago POLAX-2L Polarimeter

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Atago Polarimeter POLAX-2L | Rotation Angle -179.95 to +180.00°, ISS -130 to +130°Z | Code 5223

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Please log in to have these fields automatically filled in. Thanks to the exclusive partnership Analis has concluded with major brands, we have carved out a key position on the Benelux market for more than 90 years. Measurement Range; Angle of Atgo Password forgotten Create a new account. Details Documents Videos A Polarimeter is also know as an optical rotation meter measuring the optical rotation of ‘optically active matter’ such as saccharin – ascorbic acid and sodium glutamate.

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POLAX-2L, POLAX-2L Polarimeter, Atago

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