Morgan Ellis; Fate; Atomic Robo; (); 4; 0 of 4; Created in Play Playtest the new RPG adaptation of the hit indie comic book series, coming. Sat Oct 6, PM – AM. RPG. Chris Czerniak; Fate; Atomic Robo; (); 4; 0 of 5; Created in play. Description: Fellow Tesladyne scientists in charge of a. The Atomic Robo RPG (ARRPG for short) is based on the comic The playtest materials were released as nine PDFs, each covering one.

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In the aftermath of World War II, Robo joins forces with a mercenary band of rocket-pack flying women to stop a rogue Japanese super-science counter-attack on America.

Evil Hat is Looking for Atomic Robo Playtesters

Nearly Enough Dice says: Free Comic Book Day ‘ Reset Fields Log in. How does one sign up to be a playtester of this game, or do you already have a core of testers that you use?

Plenty of writing and design and playtesting is going on as we speak. Much of the design work has been focused on providing players with the tools to make the game elements with atlmic few examples of each component.

Atomic Robo Roleplaying Game

About Arras WordPress Theme. In the mean time my suggestion is to either try and crash the game always a chance of no-shows or see if anyone can run it in Games on Demand.


Archived atomoc the original on 5 September Anyway, I am a long time fan of Robo, got all of the comics.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Retrieved from ” https: Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers: Dinosaur[6] entitled Why Dr. National Science Fair Robo is the celebrity judge at a science fair when Dr. Notify me of new posts by email. Posted August 30, at 3: Morgan the other Atomic Robo GM had a great idea to post the free comic that the game is based off of.

Atomic Robo Wears the Evil Hat – Deadly Fredly

In the fifth volume, the details of this experiment – and his defeat at the hands playtedt Robo and Nikola Tesla – are revealed.

Vanadis Valkyrie is a German scientist whom the Sparrow is sent to assassinate.

Thomas Edisonthe famous American inventor and rival of Nikola Teslaappears in the fourth volume. Username Password Remember Me Lost your password? Sat Oct 6, 8: Some people can argue, George Jones or James Brown? There’s going to be a random plot generator using the Fate Triangle. Your email address will not rovo published. If you know you’ve got a badge and still can’t register, please email us thewolf bigbadcon.

A second volume was published in with a single story focusing playest Tesla and his team trying to stop the “Billion Dollar Scheme”. Press will take 6 weeks-ish.

Profoundly excited about seeing more from Mike Olson- Strange Fate pushes my happiness levels towards infinity. Posted September 2, at WordPress Hashcash needs javascript to work, but your browser has javascript disabled. Jenkins was formerly part of Majestic 12, a government paramilitary organization dedicated to the collection and use of advance technologies which opposes Tesladyne. I’m guessing we’ll do the same with the chapter on multi-era play — skipping back and forth from one era to another to play through the events of a decades-spanning story.


Posted February 27, at 5: He leads the “Laufpanzers” walking German tanks into battle. I think I have made my point right? Grab your gear and get ready for full-contact, high-octane, explosive hypothesis testing!

Fellow Tesladyne scientists in charge of a large biodome have not responded in weeks. First, the short version: Given the non-linear nature of the volumes there was no necessary reading order, thus it was no longer necessary to number volumes as each volume is designed to be a jumping on point for new readers.

The series was created by writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener. atkmic

Atomic Robo

Are you action scientist material? IDW will also release multi-volume softcover collections, the first of which rogo called “Everything Explodes Collection”. The Savage Sword of Dr.

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