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Audio Spotlighting Complete

Jacqueline Naze Tjotta and Sigve Tjotta. In addition, eiioi coiiection is needed to ieduce distoition without loss of efficiency. In museums audio spotlight can be used to desciibe about a paiticulai obect to a peison standing in fiont it, so that the othei peison standing in fiont of anothei obect will not uadio able to heai the desciiption. This source can be projected about an area much like a spotlight, and creates an actual sound distant from the transducer.

If the source loudspeaker can be made several times bigger than the wavelength of the spotlightiing transmitted, then a finely focused beam can be created. A rrport sound spotpighting cieates an illusion of sound souice that emanates fiom a suiface oi diiection wheie no physical loudspeakei is piesent. By shining sound to one location, specific listeners can be targeted with sound without others nearby hearing it. Engineeis have stiuggled foi neaily a centuiy to pioduce a speakei design with the ideal 2OHz 2O,OOOHz capability of human heaiing and also pioduce a naiiow beam of audible sound.

Ultiasonic sound is that sound which have veiy small wavelength in the millimetei iange. In order to deal with this speaker manufacturers carve the audio spectrum into smaller sections.

Here comes the acoustical device? Since we cannot heai the ultiasonic sound wave we only heai sptlighting new sounds that aie foimed by non lineai action of the aii. Joseph Pompei while a graduate student at MITwho is the master brain behind the development of this technology.


Specific listeneis can be taigeted with sound without otheis neaiby heaiing it, i. They do not tiavel as naiiow beams.

To generate such sound out of pure ultrasound tones is not easy. Theie is no lag in iepioducing the sound.

Audio Spotlighting Full Seminar Report, abstract and Presentation download

Audio spotlight can be either directed at a particular listener or to a point where it is reflected. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. The iesult is ‘sound with a potential puiity and fidelity which we attained nevei befoie’.

Despite the best efforts put in by me, it is possible that some unintentional errors might have eluded me. In home theatie system ieai speakeis can be eliminated by the implementation of audio spotlighting and the piopeities of sound can be impioved. Highly cost effective as the maintenance iequiied is less as compaied to conventional loud speakeis and have longei life span. Ovei the next two decades, seveial laige companies including Panasonic and Ricoh attempted to develop a loudspeakei using this piinciple.

Can ieduce oi eliminate the feedback fiom miciophones. Specific listeners can be targeted with sound without other hereby hearing it, i. Even aftei tiaveling a distance of 1Om the beam coveis only an aiea of 3.

The problem here is that this is not a very practical solution. Audio spotlighting system holds the piomise of ieplacing conventional speakeis.

It allows the usei to contiol semihar diiection of piopagation of sound. Dispeision can be contiolled veiy naiiow oi widei to covei moie listening aiea. High efficiency ultiasonic powei amplifieis amplifies the fiequency modulated wave in oidei to match the impedance of the integiated tiansduceis.

Like all electionic systems, the audio spotlighting system woiks off DC voltage. If the souice loudspeakei can be made seveial times biggei than the wavelength of the sound tiansmitted, then a finely focused beam can be cieated. Audio spot lighting is a veiy iecent technology that cieates focused beams of sound similai to light beams coming out seminra a flash light.


The ultra sound beam acts as an airborne speaker. In fact the beam angle of audible sound is veiy wide, ust about 36O degiees. Thus in an audio spotlighting theie aie no actual speakeis that pioduces the sound but the ultiasonic envelope acts as the aiiboine speakei. Audio spotlighting exploits the property of non-linearity of air.

The targeted or directed audio technology is going to a attain a huge commercial market in entertainment and consumer ausio and technology. Hence, except for very low wavelengths, just about the entire audible spectrum tends to spread out at degrees. The Audio spotlight developed by Ameiican Technology Coipoiation uses ultiasonic eneigy to cieate extiemely naiiow beams of sound that behaves like beam of light.

Download the Seminar Report for Audio Spotlighting

Hi-fi speakers range from piezoelectric tweeters of various kinds of mid-range speakers and woofers which generally rely on circuits at large enclosures to produce quality sound, whether it is dynamic, electrostatic or some other transducers- based design.

It uses a non-linear acoustics for its working. The mounting hardware is constructed with a ball joint so that the Audio Spotlights are easily aimed wherever the sound is desired. Ultiasonic amplifiei iequiies 48V DC supply foi its woiking and low voltage foi miciocontiollei unit and othei piocess management.