Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya with English translation and exhaustive introduction by Kanoo Mal published in On other page(s): History and calligraphy of the The Avadhuta Gita Source: # 73 to 75, Reprinted from Abhayananda, S., Dattatreya: The Song Of The Avadhut . THE AVADHUT GITA, or Avadhuta Gita, may be called an ancient non-dual text. Several errors in Hari Prasad Shastri’s English translation (1st edition, ).

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There is no duality in It.

Avadhuta Gita – Wikipedia

Neither that which is imagined, nor the imagination exist in you; know that cause and effect touch you not. Paperbackpages. Rigveda Yajurveda Samaveda Atharvaveda. The illusory world is not my modification. Like bubbles rising and falling in a river, thoughts and volitions rise and disappear in the inner conscience. How can the one supreme consciousness which without dattatreyw rules the living and the inert and is all-pervasive, be other than I?

When my aavadhuta began to praise You avaehuta lost the power of praising others. Passages of the text are found in numerous Hindu texts, such as in the widely translated Bhagavata Puranawhich is the most popular Purana, where verses 8. That bliss absolute, ever-indestructible, but a Source of bliss to all, is the Avadhut. In other words, the difference between what is Formless and what has Form disappears forever, and it is co-eternal with the vision of the Universe in Atman.

Eternal, ever the same, the essence of All is Reality. Birthless, pure, bodiless, equable, imperishable Self you know yourself to be.

Avadhuta Gita

O beloved friend, how shall I bow to my own Self, in my Self? How then can you say, “I know my Self” or “I know not my Self”? This I know for sure.


Y ou can’t be heard, or smelled, or tasted; You can’t be seen, or sensed by touch. There is no “you” nor “I”, no world, no Guru nor disciple. You’re truly illimitable; you’. Some there are that prize non-dualism, others hold to dualism. Deities and Gods, like Indra and Brahma, have no place in Daftatreya.

It is all One, whether we live in a hut in retirement, or in a house with many kinfolk, for Self is free from the multitude as from solitude. Ever practicing Yoga, not depending on any object, the yogi merges his consciousness in Reality, and becomes Reality. I t’s neither neuter, nor masculine, nor feminine.

Rajat Madan rated it liked it Jun 06, The Absolute cannot be described in terms of conditions; how can I speak of my Self?

By the Grace of the impersonal, absolute Reality, those seeking liberation are inspired above all men with the disposition to non-duality, which relieves them of the great fear. Neither is It of this world nor of the next.

It is equated to Sunya void in Buddhism, envisioned as a kind of “unlocated paradise”, states Rigopoulos. That undifferentiated, eternal, all-pervasive Self alone is. The transcendental reality is revealed [by Avadhuta Gita] as the Universe. In Hinduism, it is the interior Guru within the person, the Sadashiva, the all pervading ultimate Reality Brahman that is the Atman soul within. Neither is there in you attachment nor indifference.

You pervade all equally, and there is neither inner nor outer. Absolute Reality alone is, as pure consciousness. How can I say whether I am bound or free? He may perform the rituals or leave them. You are the essence of knowledge, indomitable, eternal, ever free from modifications.


Avadhuta Gita with English Translation

There is no pleasure in It, and no faculty of enjoying pleasure, since It is free from such defects as attachment. There is neither existence nor non-existence in this world. Datttreya bodies Five sheaths Chakra Nadi. Neither formless nor with form, described in the scriptures as “neither this, nor that”, free from separation and unity, the true Self reigns supreme.

Other scriptures Bhagavad Gita Agamas.

Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya by Dattātreya

Meditations and mantras cannot reach It. When as a pilgrim, I began to journey towards You, then my little notions of all-pervasiveness of the Self died. Neither father nor mother have I, neither wife nor child.

As there is no ego body, no conditioning medium, there is no individual ego. A realisation of space-like, Immortality-giving Absolute knowledge I am. Login Password Avadhta for free. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. How can it be said that the Self is limited? Neither can it be said, “It is” nor “It is not. This is the Song [Gita] of the great Dattatreya Avadhut. The body is made up of impure elements, of blood, flesh, bones and the like.

The knower of Reality may leave his body in a holy place, or in the house of an untouchable, he is absorbed into Reality. Having lost his identity in the Self, free from the limitations of the illusory world, free also from the perfections of Yoga, thus walks the Avadhut.