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Many people make the mistake to think that the middle or high clase way of living is the common… huge mistake and means they are not opening their eyes.

La Picardia Del Venezolano o el Triunfo de Tio Conejo by Axel Capriles M (, Paperback) | eBay

LOL its really funny to see an outsider perspective of Venezuela, and i can say that all he wrote is the reality, we are all crazy in this weird and beautiful country. It is the remnants of this Romanticism that allows figures such as Fidel Castro to claim the moral high-ground in Latin America in spite of all evidence to the contrary in his results.

You have mentioned that Venezuelans are very passionate and kind of a polarized society. Gas right now on R. Her recent publications include “The Chrysalis Experience: My ideas on this are sounding better and better! I have a question for you, dear.

Apologies if I offended you but people are fundamentally wrong taking any pride on these things. How to destroy your economy Venezuelan case a documentary from CNN. Truly an amazing city. I hope you continue to enjoy your experience and if you ever want to stay in Caracas you are more than welcomed to my home.

Among his most recent publications are Reading Goethe at Midlife: Jung Institute in Zurich and studied ethnopsychoanalysis in Paris.


First the Bodyguard, then General Rivero, picardka 8 more with this story. Juan Manuel Tovar M. I sometimes wonder whether it had some effect on Marxhe did proclaim in self congratulatory tonethat before him the role of philosophy had been to study things but that from then onwards with him its role would be to change the world.

How about the voters that elect those in government…? It is fascinating to know your thoughts on specific thigs here. Ask preachers and politicians for that role… Anyway, I have read the other comments you have posted here and you are so right, Rodrigo… really, so right… that you are wrong.

This has been a rough week for us Venezuelans.

Ralph cual es tu twitter? You say we Venezuelans believe in all sort of spiritual things, is true most of us are catholic, but Norwegians also believe in the spiritual world being most of them Lutherans like tarot, runic magic, etc. Venezuela perhaps will past in the history of the world like the country with the greatest potentials….

In Venezuela on the other hand this was not the case. January 25, at We are happy and so desperate to keep happiness in our lives that normally they tend to forget the real problems and do something serious about it. Let me explain where I am coming from and the main critic to this article.

Loving our beautiful traits and being attentive about the things we have to improve as a society will make us progress more. Jaj yes my norweagean friend you have described us very well yes i do believe we are happy people we have to in order to survive such a caotic country thank you for writing this it has made me realize how much more i love my people and my roots.

I will share this with some folks so that they can laugh at this as I did. I have a pet idea that I have played with over the years of modifying the democratic charter to make it perform as more of a meritocracy by giving the vote of citizens who earn it more weight I have several ways to accomplish this. My husband who is English read the blog and laugh so much!!!


Anyway I hope you can make it. My comment is about the anger I feel about Venezuelans feeling proud about silly and stupid things.

La Picardia Del Venezolano o el Triunfo de Tio Conejo by Axel Capriles M (2017, Paperback)

Thank you for sharing your experience, I will definitely keep reading! They are so talkative piczrdia it makes my mother seem quiet. Hugs and kisses are exchanged before they start talking and when they say goodbye hugs and kisses are exchanged again.

It is beautiful all your unbiased perspective of our own culture.

Venezuelans are dancersand great ones too! Thanks for all those compliments!! I will be very happy to keep on reading about your Venezuelan adventure. The Venezuelans are unique and you can pinpoint them anywhere in the world. On the subject, a few years ago some studies sorry, I could not find links were done using game theory that suggested that in a democratic selection of leaders it is inevitable that the population will select mediocre leaders instead of the best that the population has to offer.

Mientras la gente no vea problema en eso, pues tendremos los dirigentes que una picardiz asi se merece. They are soo cool and they are like brother and sister. Now go fetch, you lazy piece of trash and re-read your excuses. I think the warming, friendly and helpful people is very relative, many times people will not just help without the intention of getting something in return.