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That has been extremely helpful. We wondered why and then we read On Becoming Preschoolwise.

This routine provides simple checklists so that if your baby is upset, it helps you to have a process of elimination to find the root cause. If this worked for you, great. She’s still working on getting the babywkse up but I haven’t asked to see how diligent she is in the program. That’s the real “give and take” to me, though clearly rules and boundaries have to be established depending on the maturity and understanding of all parties involved.

Their parenting concepts are now translated into 25 languages. Children are not allowed immediate gratification even as newbornsyet parents are given the right to have bbywise gratification of every request. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive?

To me, all these things are even worse because Ezzo couches his philosophy in a guise of religious authoritarianism–I see this as manipulative and, uh, bad. And if you read the sites for their study work, it’s amazing.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. The best evaluation of any parenting philosophy, including Babywise, is not found in the reasoning or the logic of the hypothesis. The first thing you teach your child is how to eat and sleep. This book is awful! My second son is due this December End results speak clearly.


It provides no unbiased advice, advocates no nurturing, divorces mother and instinct. Mother’s don’t get enough rest with cosleeping. This is the BEST book. A newborn baby is hardly at fault for coming into the world and having needs.

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On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep

On Becoming Childwise Gary Ezzo. These are attainable conclusions, because infants are born with the capacity to achieve these outcomes and, equally important, the need to achieve them. I think I held too strongly to the principles with my first child, and thus was overly rigid, but I have learned to let things go a little and be OK with it if the baby misses its nap because something else is more important which the book also suggests–being flexible.

Time after time, babies and children are expected to behave in ways that are inconsistent with their God-designed level of development in order to satisfy the often-arbitrary comfort of the parents This book is probably useful to a baby who just needs a little guidance and a strict schedule. Happy, healthy and contented babies who sleep through the night on average between seven and nine weeks of age.

I originally gave it 2 or 3 stars, but as I get more experience I like it less. I absolutley love what these books have to offer, and find them to be right on. However, on the day following a growth spurt most babies take longer than normal naps. Let your eyes confirm what works and what doesn’t. Don’t take any marketing plug or some strangers word for truth. You will be a good mother. I’m a much more competent parent than I would have been without these books.


I knew not to rush in if she gives off one regular cry because she’s likely still sleeping and so many other things.

On Becoming Baby Wise Quotes by Gary Ezzo

By using our website you agree to gaary use of cookies. Babies are not able to rely on reason or intellect to measure the stability of the world around them, so by design, they depend heavily on their senses.

It’s idiotic to make hard and fast rules about how long to let the baby cry. Extreme 2 was clock-ruled parenting and is presented by the BabyWise book as follows: The knowledge of Christian medical and child development experts is being replaced by unsubstantiated opinion. Don’t believe me, pump and look at what comes out first and then check how creamy it looks as you finish Distinguished pediatrician Dr Robert Bucknam, M. So I did the eat, sleep, wake babyiwse it still worked.

Teresa says they got only one chapter of the workbook at a time. Extreme 1 is reported as Attachment Theory, which they describe as follows: Nor will Dad be excluded from his duties. The more parenting I do, the less I lik Babywise was recommended by a friend of mine who had a baby a couple of years ago and swore by the ‘scheduling’ in the book though the book would probably call it putting baby on a ‘routine’–I think it is scheduling!

The authors bring up the issue of your baby trusting you only if you have a predictable schedule.