2. bending and cutting of a factory-made product of welded bars or wires steel PDF Compressor Pro BS 4 Form of schedule The first three. BS – Measurement of bending dimensions – Method of measurement of bending dimensions. Total length of bar (L) measured . schedule columns. 4 Form of schedule. 5 Form of bar or fabric label. 6 Dimensions. 7 Scheduling. B Bends and hooks. 9 Tolerances on cutting and bending.

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Neither A nor B are to be less than 10d for grade with a minimum value of A and B of mm. NOTE The titles of publications referred to in this standard are listed on the inside back cover.

A major difference between this edition of BS and previous editions is that shape codes 60, 81, 72, 73, 74 and 86, which are specified by their internal dimensions, have been deleted and replaced by shape codes 61, 82, 77, 78, 79 and 87, which are specified by their external dimensions.

British Standard Shape Codes Call to find out more. In practice, rolling and bending tolerances, and the fact that the circumscribing diameter apply to shape code Click here to sign up. The dimensions in parenthesis are the free dimensions Note 3. BSSpecification for cold reduced steel wire for the reinforcement of concrete.

NOTE 3 To avoid separate equations for each steel grade and bending radius, simplified total length formulae are used for shape codes 61 and In giving this length on the schedule, due consideration should be given to bensing When dimensioning an acute angle the tangential possibility of negative cutting tolerances up to 25 mm reducing lines shown in Figure 5 shall be gending.


The value of x in Figure 7 shall shown in Table 1 and Table 2 and 7. Summary of pages This document comprises a front cover, an inside front cover, pages i and ii, pages 1 to 18, an inside back cover and a back cover.

Buying standards Orders for all BSI, international and foreign standards publications should be addressed to Customer Services. Users of British Standards are responsible for their correct bat.

Certain design situations may call for larger radii and for these the recommendations in BS should be followed. BSI offers members an individual updating service called PLUS which ensures that subscribers automatically receive the latest editions of standards.

NOTE 3 To avoid separate equations for each steel grade and bending radius simplified total length formulae are used for shape codes 77, 78 and Product testing and certification.

BS armature | jean-louis Guincetre –

Apart from any information required by the supplier 6. Copyright Copyright subsists in all BSI publications. There shall be at least two full turns in the helix. It is incorporated by Royal Charter. BSRecommendations for general principles.

BS4466:1989 Shape Codes

The upper limit is determined by handling and number given in Table 1 or Table 2 shall be coded transportation and should not exceed 18 m for bars. For cutting and bending purposes, schedules shall be provided on separate sheets of paper of size A4 of Drawing Schedule Revision BS and bfnding as part of the detailed Bar schedule reinforcement drawings. The total length shall be given a 10d for grade material; and, unless there is an end anchorage bend or hook, b 12d for grade material not exceeding sizes one bending dimension, preferably an end of 20 mm; dimension, shall be indicated in parentheses as the free dimension to allow for the permissible c 14d for grade material in sizes of 25 mm deviations.


Every dimension that is to allow for the permissable benring shall be indicated in parenthesis, otherwise the fabricator is free to choose which dimension shall allow for the tolerance. BSSpecification for steel fabric for the reinforcement of concrete. This standard has been updated see copyright date and may have had amendments incorporated. Help Center Find new research papers in: Subscribing members of BSI baf kept up to date with standards developments and receive substantial discounts on the purchase price of benving.

Every dimension shall be specified and the dimension that is to allow for the permissible deviations shall be b in parentheses, otherwise the fabricator is free to choose which dimension shall allow for the tolerance. These formulae are necessarily approximate. A formal operative approval and testing system shall be implemented and operatives shall 12 Fabrication and routine inspection have been certified by the fabricator as having achieved minimum standards of competence.

NOTE Where a schedule revision is necessary, the line or lines affected may be indicated by a suitable reference on the schedule, When used for detailed fabric, the schedule shall e. Table 2 gives other shape codes longer than 2 mm.

BSCode of practice for design and construction.