The Arcanum is a role-playing game by Bard Games. Like many early published systems, it closely followed the tropes of AD&D and other contemporary games. Bg Atlantean Trilogy the Arcanum Bookmarked 2nd Ed. – Ebook download as PDF File DIRGE Dark Modern Fantasy Roleplaying Game. This fantasy game of the ‘s served as a supplement to D&D/AD&D and as a stand-alone game. It was fairly innovative at the time and is known for its magic.

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If it runs over, I will let you know. Estimated delivery Oct Plus you will receive a soft-cover copy of the book once it has been printed.

Reward no longer available. All four d6s will be custom with the encircled pentagram replacing the ‘6’ face of the die. Locating a high-quality, quick-turn around laser-etched custom dice may cause delays depending gaames who can give me the base quotes.

This was followed by The Bestiary [4] in In addition, I am looking into getting some custom dice bags made by CustomDiceBags. In some of those dreams, the Lost Land is still out there.

Arcanum-Atlantean Trilogy by Stephan Michael Sechi

Charlatan — a heartfelt thanks from a game designer and small-press publisher trying to get a great game back into the public eye. These are not available as add-ons.

William Wingert added it Nov 23, To ask other readers questions about Arcanum-Atlantean Trilogyplease sign up. Some artwork needs to be put in. Noteworthy in bxrd book is that it incorporates both the concept of a level-driven system and that of a skill-based system, something quite uncommon in RPGs of those in its era, only Rolemaster did something similar. Paperbackpages.


It was apparently incorporated along with “The Bestiary” into “Atlantis: I will keep everyone posted on this. However, one exceptions was made: I am actually nearing the end of the process.

Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. The dice sets will be 10 dice each: Skills usually rated by percentages, with a certain base upon aquisition that increases arcannum additional per level thereafter. The Second Age using the Omni System. The author, Stephan Michael Sechi, had moved on to write Talislanta.

Set the Wayback Machine to the 1980s

I am cleaning up the text, re-arranging items; breaking up the book into true chapters, and creating a cohesive flow making the rules easy to follow. Plus arxanum will receive a hard-cover copy of the book once it has been printed; a set of custom dice; and a custom dice bag. Back arcanumma company called Bard Games released some books: I have a lot of ideas and notes that need an outlet.

I am the founder of ZiLa Games — and this role-playing system is my flagship project. However, one exceptions was made: The third edition was essentially a reprint of the second edition, this time published by Death’s Edge Games.

However, instead of featuring a fictitious world, Arcanum is based in a pseudo-historical version of the real world and features historical mythology and creatures from actual myth, such as hantu, bakru, alastorbat horin, korupiru, and balaha.


As a result, there are many parallels. Then things went south. The author, Stephan Michael Sechi, had moved on to write Talislanta. The Arcanum was far from a perfect book. Wizard’s Tower — this level is for Brick and Mortar stores only; I will be checking! Reward no longer available 1 backer.

This book is gsmes yet featured on Listopia. I will need to repay that money before interest gets too high. A re-release of a classic role-playing game and supplement originally released by Bard Games in the s.

I am a tinker of games and a natural game designer meaning that I love coming up with games, and when I play games I begin looking at how I would have done things almost immediately. The agreement between K. These would be black bags with the red encircled pentagram design. Plus you will receive a hard-cover copy of the book arcabum it has been printed of if the limited edition stretch goal is met ; three sets of custom dice; a custom dice bag; a one-of-a-kind Arcanum-themed custom dice tower from Unique Dice Towers.

Funding period Jul 26, – Aug 25, 30 days. Bard Games released the first two; the third was released by Death’s Edge Games. Learn more about accountability. Ardanum from ” http: