Source: James I. Basilikon Doron or His Majesties Instrvctions To His Dearest Sonne, Henry the Prince. [Edinburgh , 7 copies only; Edinburgh, London (2 . Basilikon doron* (), a manual on the practice of kingship, was written by James I and VI for his eldest son, Prince Henry [1]. Though less polemical in tone . Basilikon Doron has 11 ratings and 2 reviews. Benjamin said: Fantastic resource, especially for those who want an alternative to Machiavelli’s The Princ.

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Basilikon Doron

Though less polemical in tone than The Trew Law of Free Monarchiescomposed about the same time, it made apparent James’s exalted view of kingly power. And what good her posteritie hath gotten sensyne, of some of that basulikon generation, Bothuell his treacherous attempts can beare witnesse.

Henry Taylor said that he printed it on Waldegrave’s press. I thanke God, I was neuer ashamed to giue account of my profession, howsoeuer the malicious lying tongues of some haue traduced me: Be not ashamed then, to keep clean your body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, notwithstanding all vain allurements to the contrary, discerning truly and wisely of every virtue and vice, according to the true qualities thereof, and not according to the vain conceits of men.

But if in some places it seeme too obscure, impute it to the shortnesse thereof, being both for the respect of my selfe, and of my Sonne, constrained there-unto: But for someone like me, who’s always looking for inspiration and ways to add that little extra something to adaptations and settings inspired by the time period, again, it’s invaluable.

Robert Waldegravewho was bound to secrecy, printed seven copies at the king’s behest. As for your choise in Mariage, respect chiefly the three causes, wherefore Mariage was first ordained by God; and then ioyne three accessories, so farre as they may be obtained, not derogating to the principalles.

Rebecca Adi marked it as to-read Aug 06, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. For Iustice, by the Law, giueth euery man his owne; and equitie in things arbitrall, giueth euery one that which is meetest for him.

Disagreement in religion bringeth ever with it disagreement in manners; and the dissention betwixt your preachers and hers will breed and foster a dissention among your subjects, taking their example from your family; besides the peril of the evil education of your children.

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Some onely for meere curiositie, that thinke it their honour to know all new reserue things, were curious to glut their eyes therewith, onely that they might vaunt them to haue seene it: All your seruants and Court must be composed partly of minors such as young Lords, to be brought vp in your company, or Pages and such like; and partly of men of perfit aage, for seruing you in such roumes, as ought to be filled with men of wisedome and discretion.

The first teacheth you your duetie towards God as a Christian: As for the particular points of Religion, I need not to dilate them; I am no hypocrite, follow my footsteps, and your owne present education therein.


And to conclude this point of Religion, what indifferencie of Religion can Momus call that in Mee, where, speaking of my sonnes marriage in case it pleased God before that time to cut the threed of my life I plainly forewarne him of the inconuenients that were like to ensew, incase he should marry any that be of a different profession in Religion from him: It is your office to command, and hers to obey, but yet with such a sweet harmony as she should be as ready to obey, as ye to command; as willing to follow, as ye to go before; your love being wholly knit unto her, and an her affections lovingly bent to follow your will.

For how can ye justly crave to be joined with a pure virgin, if your body be polluted?

Basilikon Doron |

Let not your Chalmer be throng and common in the time of your rest, aswell for comelinesse as for eschewing of carrying reports out of the same. As we haue already praise be to God a great experience of the good beginning hereof, and of the quenching of the olde hate in the hearts of both the people; procured by the meanes of this long and happy amitie, betweene the Queene my dearest sister and me; which during the whole time of both our Reignes, hath euer beene inuiolably obserued.

To conclude then, I charge you, as ever ye thinks to deserve my fatherly blessing, to follow and put in practice, as far as lyeth in you, the precepts hereafter following. Reginald Hawley marked it as to-read Nov 06, For they are deceiued therein, in founding their argument vpon a mistaken ground, which is, that the playing at such games, is a kind of casting of lot, and therefore vnlawfuh; wherein they deceiue themselues: The three accessories, which as I haue said, ought also to be respected: For the first iniurie is committed against the partie; but the parties reuenging thereof at his owne hand, is a wrong committed against you, in vsurping your office, whom-to onely the sword belongeth, for reuenging of all the injuries committed against any of your people.

And because we are all of that nature, that sibbest examples touch us nearest, consider the difference of success that God granted in the marriages of the king my grandfather, and me your own father: Since his lieutenant here ye should remain, Reward the just, be steadfast, true, and plain, Repress the proud, maintaining aye the right, Walk always so, as ever in his sight, Who guards the godly, plaguing the profane.

Ogy is currently reading it Jan 24, Let your selfe and all your Court weare no ordinarie armour with your cloathes, but such as is knightly and honourable; I meane rapier-swordes, and daggers: Doe nothing towards them without a good ground and warrant, but reason not much with them: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

But hoping, yea, even promising unto myself, that GOD, who in his great blessing sent you unto me, shall in the same blessing, as he hath given me a son, so make him a good and a godly son; not repenting him of his mercy showed unto me, I end, with my dorkn prayer to GOD, to work effectually unto you, the fruits of that blessing, which here from my heart I bestow upon you.


And because they were ashamed to professe this quarrel, they were busie to look narrowly in all my actions; and I warrant you a mote in my eye, yea a false report, was matter enough for them to worke vpon: Views Odron Edit View history. For what can all these worldly respects avail when a man shall find himself coupled with a devil, to be one flesh with him, and the half marrow in his bed? Yea, so farre I baasilikon in that place from admitting corruption in Religion, as I wish him in promoouing them, to vse such caution, as may preserue their estate from creeping to corruption; euer vsing that forme through the basklikon Booke, where euer I speake of bad Preachers, terming them some of the Basilikoon, and not Ministers or Ministrie in generall.

And so much the fitter are they for you, then for the common sort, n and in respect the composer thereof was a King: Deferre not then to Marie till your aage: Retrieved Bailikon 31, from Encyclopedia. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

And then what shall come of him, but as a man given over to his own filthy affections, shall perish into them? It advocates removing the Apocrypha from the Bible. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

But to returne to the purpose of garments, they ought to be vsed according to their first institution by God, which was for three causes: Be homely or strange with them, as ye thinke their behauiour deserueth, and their nature may beare with. And lastly, remember to choose your Wife as I aduised you to choose your seruants: Spare not to goe there, for gracing that farre any that yee fauour, by your presence to procure them expedition of justice; although that should be specially done, for the poore that cannot waite on, or are debarred by mightier parties.

And suffer no conuentions nor meetings among Church- men, but by your knowledge and permission. And next the Lawes, I would haue you to be well versed in authentick histories, and in the Chronicles of all nations, but specially in our owne histories Ne sis peregrinus domi the example whereof most neerely concernes you: Not that thereby I take the defence of vaine carders and dicers, that waste their moyen, and their time whereof fewe consider the pretiousnesse vpon prodigall and continuall playing: But if the charitable Reader will aduisedly consider, both the methode and matter of my Treatise, he will easily iudge, what wrong I haue sustained by the carping at both: Page numbers in angle brackets refer to the edition cited as the source.

But as this seuere Iustice of yours vpon all offences would bee but for a time, as I haue alreadie said so is there some horrible crimes that yee are bound in conscience neuer to forgiue: For ye must consider, that God euer looketh to your inward intention in all your actions.