BEARS DISCOVER FIRE by TERRY BISSON (). [VERSION (Aug 06 02). If you find and correct errors in the text, please update the version number by. Terry Bisson, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN Readers turn from “Bears Discover Fire,” a meditative tale that blends the. Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories [Terry Bisson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bears Discover Fire is the first short story collection .

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You do this by setting the tire upright, sitting on it, and bouncing it up and down between your legs while the air goes in. While I may agree with the ideas exposed so farif you are capable of writing fully rounded characters and short stories, why not do the same here? People were seeing bears all over the state, and in Virginia as well.

To be honest, it feels as if the collection was written by two different people. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Reprinted by permission of the author. Play in new window Download. This set of short stories makes me wonder if the author was working on a Philip K. Over Flat Mountain In which a trucker and a hitchhiker cross up and over the eighteen-mile-high flat topped mountain that has uplifted where the Appalachians once were.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

On the plus side, I liked his prose, but I don’t think I’ll try any of his other books since this one annoyed me so much. The bear smell is rank but not unpleasant, once firf get used to it. The Two Janets Famous authors are moving to a small Kentucky town bixson are seen by the townspeople at various local spots They’re Made Out of Meat A conversation between two extraterrestrials in which one tries to convince the other that they’ve discovered a planet with sentient beings made bearx meat, impossible as that may sound.


I looked around the circle at the bears and wondered what they saw. I stirred the ashes and found enough coals bisxon start a new flame, so I banked them back the way they had been left. He was wearing a white shirt, and I realized it was Sunday morning. We soon found the path and its familiar biason smell. These stories by Terry Bisson put me in mind, just a little bit, of Neil Gaiman with a distinct Dickian twist.

May 08, LilliBlakk rated it it was amazing. It seemed a petty thing to do. There have always been bears in Virginia. Having said that, the competition from other short stories in was not very strong.

Most were smaller black or honey bears, one was a mother with cubs. The narrator, referred to by his nephew Wallace Jr. I really don’t understand how it won so many awards. One of the best short story collections ever written. Bears also seemed to have mellowed out and are not a threat to people. In a clearing under a big hollow discovef, where the fire had been, we found nothing but ashes.

This book makes me want to explore more of his writing.

There are biswon discussion topics on this book yet. I was ready to go home, but not Mother. Later, after Wallace left, she told me about her dream.

He has his own room in Bowling Green, too, but since Wallace and Elizabeth move to a different house every year part of the Planhe keeps his.

It was nominated for a Nebula the year after “Bears” won it; I think it deserved it more. Other highlights include dialog-driven battles against ATMs and bureaucracy, the great psycho-sexual Necronauts to be filmed in 3-D by Brian Yuzna’s Komodo films out of Indonesia sometime soontime-traveling art-thieves, and, of course, the perennial disckver A collection of, for the most part, bad-assed sci-fi and speculative fiction, including some great southern gothic stories about lobster-fighting truck drivers of the future, self-aware raccoons i think?

The rest of the stories are a mixed bag from good to okay with a few I just didn’t care for. Share Spread the word! The nurse told me that Mother had been acting more and more confused lately. Firre the bears were watching us from the bushes even then.


This is fiscover a review of this entire book but of the title story alone. The TV showed more guys talking about bears than it showed bears, and Wallace Jr. Jul 19, Negativni cire it did not like it.

It went back on. Press Ann In which a couple trying to withdraw cash for a birthday date encounters an Tefry machine with an attitude.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Longyear, Enemy Mine Vonda N. Bears Discover Fire is the first short story collection by the most acclaimed science fiction author of the decade, author of such brilliant novels as Talking Man and Voyage to the Red Planet.

The Story — Bears Discover Fire

During the course of the story, people find out that bears have indeed discovered fire. Since it was a left rear tire, I pulled over to the left, onto the median grass. And then the bears show up, holding torches aloft while Bobby finishes fixing the tire as fast as humanly possible. The bears seem to be gaining something that we humans have lost, the art of enjoying company by a warm fire in the woods perhaps. My imagination ran wild. The fire was going and it was the same bunch of bears, as far as I could tell.

But you could also say it is about the lead human character, his relationships with his brother and their ailing mother, and the insensitivity of the average terfy in the modern age.