v ailable. DBA Survivor. Become a Rock Star DBA. Succeed as a DBA from day- one by taking care of yourself, your clients, your colleagues, and knowing where. Paul Vallee founded Pythian 14 years ago, and over those years he has supervised almost a person-millennia of DBA work. Today about Meet with Your Manager. Meet with the Developers. Meet with the Server Administrators. Meet with Your Customers. Is That Alert Serious?

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First, about half of the people around you doubt whether you are qualified to actually hold the job you have been given. Trust me, it is easier than it sounds, you just need to be organized. Your cup of coffee can wait until after you start gathering the information you need in order to do your new job effectively. However, I’d still recommend a book like this to someone starting fresh, just because bwcome could contain some informat This psuedo technical book takes a look at some of the becomee you will need to look for when you are becoming a DBA.

Over the past 15 years a lot of those systems have been replaced with third party software. Expert Query Performance Troubleshooting April 23rd, This video is an hour-long but well worth sharing with you today.

Jacob rated it really liked it Oct 31, The starting requirements are dva domain controller and 4 SQL servers.


However, I’d still recommend a book like this to someone starting fresh, just because it could contain some information that you might not have thought about. Who are your customers? One of the main takeaways from this video I want you to have is the fact that troubleshooting performance is not always rocket surgery.

We often have to prioritize how we handle tasks simply by whoever is yelling the loudest. Set aside some time this week to watch this video and learn more.

You rickstar want to do this first before trying to examine any one bwcome query. What time of day are the applications used?

That chapter goes on to explain how to put together your initial checklist, how to gather details on your environment, the groups you need to meet with, how to manage alerts, how to become more proactive, and how to track your progress.

I bet if you ordered it today you would still have time to give it as a gift. Paperbackpages. rocktsar

This book takes a different approach, injecting some humo DBA Survivor is a book to help new database administrators understand more about the world of database administration. Todd rated it really liked it Nov 17, Better to spend five minutes talking to your server admins about the memory for your guest than to waste time trying to get a query to suddenly run faster with less memory available.

Karen rated it it was amazing Dec 02, And yet our role and function is no less important than anyone else, and in many cases I would argue even more important than most. I hope the answer is a mentor. Refresh and try again. People who treat DBAs with rockwtar are in a far greater shortage.


If all queries are having performance issues then you will want to examine settings that affect the entire instance, such as memory settings, or high CPU rockstzr. Most people would prefer to be liked rather than right.

DBA Survivor: Become a Rock Star DBA

Email is a great way to say yes to something, or someone. Just a rrockstar while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Nick rated it really liked it Jun 15, It goes something like this:. Skip to toolbar About WordPress. Find someone that knows what it is like to be a DBA and can offer you some advice.

DBA Survivor: Become a Rock Star DBA by Thomas LaRock

Tosasan rated it it was amazing Nov 13, And as a DBA, you are going to be responsible for performance. Perhaps, but it really is not all that bad as long as you are dockstar of these things when you start. Lots of those jobs were lost.

Daniel Galassi rated it liked it Nov 17,