ULTRACURVE PRO. DEQ Ultra-High Precision Bit/96 kHz Equalizer, Analyzer, Feedback Destroyer and Mastering Processor. Ultra-high resolution. Get the guaranteed best price on Equalizers like the Behringer DEQ Ultra- Curve Pro Mastering Processor at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free. Mastering Processor The DEQ is a precise high-resolution Bit/96 kHz EQ /RTA mastering processor and thus the perfect tool for PA and mastering.

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The rack mount handles are removable if desired, and feet such as Vibrapods could easily be substituted. Do we really need it?

Recently, a couple of changes in the manner in which I approach audio has allowed my goal to become much utlra-curve of ultraa-curve affordable reality. Performance Synthesizer Fully-fledged digital workstation with synthesis parts, sequencer, effects and video output, 16 individual tracks for different synthesis forms and samplers, Innovative pattern sequencer with infinite pattern length and complex control options for each step, MIDI, CV, Trigger, The soundstage was very legible, each instrument had precise focus and was distinctive within the soundstage.

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In each position in a listening room what we hear is the result of pretty complex interaction of multiple waveforms that collide, multiply or cancel in impredictable fashion. The hypnotically moving segments of real time analysers informed me that for the most time I was listening to a clipped signal: A parametric equalizer is an equalizer that allows you dial into a specific frequency, apply a boost or cut, and specify the width of the affected frequencies around the chosen center frequency.

Related Products from Amazon. At home such a function can be useful to prevent too high dynamic peaks when you listen at high volume or to boost the dynamics at low volumes, typical for night listening sessions. The Ultracurve Pro is a modular system, alike the Lego blocks.

I do not assume that the limiter is something to bother about in hifi as audiophiles have the opposite problem — the recordings come limited and squashed so it may be worthwhile trying expand them. For most hifi users the equalizing module is one of the most attractive. The first unit I purchased was unusable out of the box. As an engineer I find myself drawn to new ways of building a standard design. The RTA spectral analyser analyses the audio signal in real time — the user can select the resolution of the RTA as well as the peak hold time and how fast it should react.


Sonos Digital Music System The wonderful thing about the free enterprise system is that so many times new ideas come from the newcomers to an industry. With the help of push buttons a user goes through a system of menus similarly to ultra-cudve mobile phone operating system beyringer sets the parameters. The whole sonic picture became denser, I could hear more of the instruments.

The bass guitar finger slides are filled with tone.

Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra-Curve Pro

Of course, I connect them digitally and the sound has gone from great to beyond amazing! Any input would be highly welcomed. Alternatively, please feel free to use our accounts on social media such as Facebook or Twitter to get in touch.

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It forces the ultrw-curve of the industry to stand and take notice. This software version can only be purchased behringet certain conditions defined by the manufacturer! W x D x H x x mm, Weight The DEQ has no feet to rest upon. The act of programming the right correction at six center frequencies to arrive to the smoothest response possible took me whole day. Achieving a six decibel boost in level requires a doubling of power, making both the amplifier behriinger the speakers work harder.

The sonic character through the bypassed processor did not change, yet there was a profound difference. Having worked with units by all the big names, the DEQ stands out with good security features ideal for installs and environmental applications.

First of all a well done for this article because explain exactly how this machine should be used to achieve the best results. I would give a nod to the Marantz as having a slightly smoother sound with increased soundstage depth, specifically in the midrange and upper frequencies, although the sound of the DAC in the Behringer was in no manner objectionable.


Thomann is the largest online and mail order retailer for musical instruments as well as light and sound equipment worldwide, having about 10m customers in countries and There is even a forth mode which employs extremely narrow notch filters meant to effectively deal with feedback in a live sound situation.

Well, this was exceptionally well recorded material — how about something that is not that good. To get a feel for the sound of what a smoother frequency response offers, I listened to some of my current favorites both with the DEQ in the system and out, switching between the two via the selector switch on my preamp.

It was not that simple though Our expert departments and workshops allow us to offer you professional advice and rapid maintenance and repair services.

BEHRINGER Ultracurve Pro DEQ

There was an iceberg for Titanic and there is one for the DEQ too. I fully expected the Marantz, at three times the cost, to trounce the sound of the three hundred dollar Behringer, but the sound of the two units was remarkably similar playing redbook CDs.

Long story made short there are four modules that will be indispensable for an audiophile life:. We have a wide variety of pages giving information and enabling you to contact us before and after your purchase. Do you want another gadget? AudioproPraha, tel.

At the crater’s edge The piece Craters Edge Malgorzata Zalewska, Master and Margarita, MEG is basically quite minimalistic composition of harp glissandos and low-level synthesized sounds. This might be due to the toslink connection keeping the two units electrically separated, or the less than ideal use of adapters when beuringer to the XLR input.

Customers who looked at this item have bought these: The PEQ is extremely effective in taming acoustic modes in listening rooms — with a bit of patience it is behronger to achieve a ruler flat response from your speakers.

With the help of other measuring software I knew exactly where the peaks and throughs in my listening seat are. Feedback Found an error or want to give us feedback about this page?