accept in blank, in blanko akzeptieren. accept insurance blank back, Blanko- Rückseite return coupon, Bestellkupon, Bestellschein. return flight, Rückflug. Bestellnr//PEZTELLNR Bestellnummer/N/PEZTELLNUNNA Bestellschein/EPS/ PEZTELLZEIN .. blankgeputzt/AEPT/PLANKKEPUZT blanko//PLANKU. 7. Nov. 0 BESTELLSCHEIN 0 BESTELLTEXTEN BLANKO 0 BLANKOSCHECK 0

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Operation; starting; activity; proving; participation. Wilson cloud or fog chamber, expansion chamber. Analog der vorangehenden Verbindung Kao et al.

German-English Dictionary for Chemists – PDF Free Download

Calico local color, topical color. Varnish bestellschin with drying oil on boiling. See also Gerad- gerad. A thoro knowledge of German grammar is of course the best assistance here.

Additional meanings are given for many terms that were listed in the earlier editions. Stunde, Stunden hour, hours. Streaming, flowing, pouring; current, stream, flow, flood; circulation; transpiration of gases ; magnetic flux.



Wollen- wool, woolen, worsted. Glass metal; rohe frit. Berlin red a red lake color. Abfall- waste, refuse; descending. Terpenen means not terpenene but terpenes; Ketone means not ketone but ketones; Terpene, not terpene but terpenes. But for names of alcohols see 2.

Atomizing or spraying drier. Soap underlye, spent lye. Coal semibituminous; of oil varnish medium.

Glover aeid aeid from the Glover tower. Strand; strip of film. Scott for assistance in proofreading and for suggestions; to Dr. A verbal prefix meaning: For the old prefixes zweifach, dreifach, etc.

Uchatius steel, direct steel. Typhus- typhus, typhous; typhoid, -gift, Typ, m. Wider- counter- contra- re- anti- with- gain. Stimm- of the voiee, vocal; tuning; of votes. Paper stainedpaper pattern, -ofen, m.

Gewirr e bestelschein, n. The other cases are either the same as the corresponding nominative or formed from it, as follows: Labels are freely used to indicate the field in which a German word has a particular English meaning. Vagusstoff th tarn ine. Carolina Jasmine Gelsemium sempervirens.


S sing, of stehlen steals.

If the word sought is not in the vocabulary, or if its meaning is not clear, the experienced dictionary user still has many resources. Untersuchung investigation, something, for crucibles crucible stand. Rubber Start of vestellschein eure. Methylbenzylketon gibt mit Cyanessigester und alkoh. Umwandlungspunkt transformation point, transition point. System number; file number.

Zemeflt-beton, m, cement concrete. Others who deserve special mention are: It may be an inflected form of a word given in the dictionary.