Cours de biochimie structurale: Lipides et dérivés isopréniques, Volume 4. Front Cover. Pierre Louisot. Simep éditions, – 93 pages. Cours de biochimie. Biochimie Métabolique: Cours de Cycle de Krebs Cours de la physiologie cardiaque et lymphatique svi s5 Cours de Biochimie structurale svi s3. بسم الله . Spécialité: Biochimie structurale. Présenté par. Guillaume sur l’étude de la paraoxonase humaine hPON1 au cours du service militaire du. Pr. Eric Chabrière.

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The 2-hydroxyl group of the long-chain fatty acids of galactosyl-ceramides and sulfatides is involved structyrale the specific binding of galectin-4 to these compounds by modifying the conformation of these biochiime as already observed by Iida-Tanaka and Ishizuka Le Bivic, and E. Adaptation of core mechanisms to generate cell polarity.

Searches in databases were done by using the Profound software. KD of galectin-4 expression in HT 5M12 cells induces mistargeting of apical proteins. Polarized epithelial membrane traffic: In all cases, you will need to provide: Final subcellular localization was predicted structuralf the psortb package Gardy et al. In control cells, galactosyl-ceramides and sulfatides were identified as major constituents.

Inhibition of galectin-4 expression abrogates apical targeting To analyze whether galectin-4 had a role in the delivery of apical proteins, we depleted galectin-4 expression in HT 5M12 cells by RNA interference RNAi.

Scientific communication 3 ECTS. N -glycans mediate the apical sorting of a GPI-anchored, raft-associated protein in Madin-Darby canine kidney cells. The apical delivery was inhibited in the galectinKD cells, whereas the basolateral VSV-G protein was transported normally to the basolateral membrane Fig. Research internship20 weeks. Each of these domains contains one of the two carbohydrate recognition domains CRDs in galectin Galectin-4 in these preparations became susceptible to trypsin upon addition of detergent Fig.


In contrast, some LAB strains are not able to grow or grow deficiently in defined media, making difficult the identification of the secreted proteins following those methods. Lactococcus lactis n35 was isolated from a sheep artisanal cheese.

Wasano for the gift of expression vector of recombinant rat galectin Because this inhibitor interferes with glycosylation it was appealing to assume that a lectin-based sorting mechanism was the basis for the inhibition. Spot proteins are numbered on 2-D gels in Fig.

Four proteins secreted by the strain L. The RNAi hairpin was designed to target human galectin-4 sequence — December 15 at 2: The following parameters were used: Gels were repeated three times from independent cultures.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. In conclusion, this work supplies a method for the identification of proteins secreted by LAB, allowing discrimination between the proteins present in the MRS and those produced by probiotic LAB. Further analysis of the function of these proteins, as well as the study of certain environmental effects on synthesis and secretion, will help to elucidate the mechanisms of action of probiotic bacteria in their ecological niches.

Cours Execices Universite

Online supplemental material Fig. Please review our privacy policy. Previously, we have demonstrated that proteins assumed to be part of the apical strucgurale mechanism, syntaxin 3 and annexin XIIIb, also accumulated intracellularly after inhibitor treatment Delacour et al.


Nature de la Formation: To enter the program, students must have a solid background in biology, and a good command of spoken and ciurs English for a direct application in the second year – M2 or English AND FRENCH for an application in the first year. Generation of single and double knockdowns in polarized epithelial cells by retrovirus-mediated RNA interference.

Proteins of the three latter groups were the major proteins of the DRMs. B Western blotting of galectin-4 in carrier vesicles.

Galectin-4 and sulfatides in apical membrane trafficking in enterocyte-like cells

Representative sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel showing the proteins secreted by the four LAB strains used in this study. S2 shows the three galectin-4 RNAi constructs tested: In this paper, a protocol based on trichloroacetic acid precipitation of peptides and proteins is presented. This polarity implies a strict regulation of the targeting of components to each surface of the cell Mostov et al. This paper demonstrates that this could indeed be the case. Thereafter, the 10 were found to be secreted or surface associated by bioinformatic means.

Because secreted proteins were precipitated in the stationary phase of culture, cell lysis cannot be excluded, but at least it was minor. How translocation of galectin-4 to the apical side is effected is not known.